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Outgoing package from Newark around Jan 6th lost with no tracking information. Does mail fly out of there and do you know anything about a delay or missing packages that supposedly fly out of Newark?
You need to contact whatever postal company the package was shipped with.
If i Buy alchol at the duty free shoo can i carry it on the plane?
What airport? Do you have a connecting flight?
Retkjavik. No connection
Hello Sir/Madame
I am vacationing in Cuba and flying out from Calgary through Sunwing on the 14th of January 2018. I am a South African citizen with an extended visitors visa and would like to know if I require a tourist visa card for my vacation to Cuba. If so how do I obtain it and where?

Contact Sunwing or your travel agent if you used one as soon as possible. You do need a Tourist card to visit Cuba and that must be issued in advance.
Do you fly English Bulldogs and if so what are the requirements?
This is, not any airline's website.
My return flight from Fort Lauderdale airport next Saturday January 6, 2018 is at 7:43 am, how early is enough to do all required security process? This is the end of winter break but early in the morning, not sure how crowded this airport gets.
if you get there by 6 AM you should be fine.
How long do I need to get from terminal 5 arrivals to terminal 3 lost property office
What airport?
Heathrow Term 5 to Hrw Term 3 lost property office
Hello. does anybody know what gate I'll be arriving from Knoxville? My airline is American Airlines connecting flight Qatar Airways to Doha. Thank you in advance everyone.
What airport? Your gate will be on the day of your flight.
Hello, I am planning on flying Jet Blue from Philadelphia to Boston in the middle of January. The plane should land at 7:30 PM at Logan international and I will have to stop by baggage claim before heading to catch a flight to the Azores which leaves at 10 PM. I'm wondering if this is plenty of time to check bags and go through passport checkpoints, etc?
That's just enough time. All you have to do is claim your bags from jetblue, re-check them with Azores Airlines in Terminal E, then go through security. There is no US Immigration or Customs when leaving the US.
Need to file a report for lost item
This is not any airline or airport's website. You need to contact the airline or airport.

I am Non-EU citizen, traveling from SIN to BILL with connecting flights at CDG and AMS.
Could you advise if I am allowed to purchase/shop at CDG/AMS airports?

If yes, does it include VAT and I can only claim VAT refund when leaving EU? Thank you in advance.
Yes, you can shop at CDG and AMS. You have to apply for the VAT refund when you leave the EU.