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If i Buy alchol at the duty free shoo can i carry it on the plane?
What airport? Do you have a connecting flight?
Retkjavik. No connection
Do you fly English Bulldogs and if so what are the requirements?
This is, not any airline's website.
My return flight from Fort Lauderdale airport next Saturday January 6, 2018 is at 7:43 am, how early is enough to do all required security process? This is the end of winter break but early in the morning, not sure how crowded this airport gets.
if you get there by 6 AM you should be fine.
How long do I need to get from terminal 5 arrivals to terminal 3 lost property office
What airport?
Heathrow Term 5 to Hrw Term 3 lost property office
Hello. does anybody know what gate I'll be arriving from Knoxville? My airline is American Airlines connecting flight Qatar Airways to Doha. Thank you in advance everyone.
What airport? Your gate will be on the day of your flight.
Need to file a report for lost item
This is not any airline or airport's website. You need to contact the airline or airport.

I am Non-EU citizen, traveling from SIN to BILL with connecting flights at CDG and AMS.
Could you advise if I am allowed to purchase/shop at CDG/AMS airports?

If yes, does it include VAT and I can only claim VAT refund when leaving EU? Thank you in advance.
Yes, you can shop at CDG and AMS. You have to apply for the VAT refund when you leave the EU.
How early should I arrive for a 7:05am flight via Delta from MSP to Punta Cana on November 18?
5 AM or so.
Thank you! Found med baggie. Thanks.
My daughter will be traveling to Spain on a travel abroad program for college. She will need to take a six month supply of prescription medication with her. In pill and cream form. What are the rules for packing and traveling with these medications ? Do they go in carry on or checked luggage?
You can carry as much prescription medication as you need. The Cream will be subject to secondary inspection so make sure she carries the labels that indicate that it is prescription and that it has her name on it.
Thank you for your reply. So I am clear she can take all meds in her carryon bag?
Yes, but she should tell the screener that she has prescription medication over 3.4 OZ before putting her bag in the scanner.