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where i have to pay for my cat to travel with me in salon?
This is - it has nothing to do with salons.
My flight leaves TC at 6:15 a.m., what time do I need to arrive @airport
What is "TC"? What airport? What airline? Where are you going? Do you have checked bags?
I am a non canadian citizen and My Flight itinerary is Ottawa-Montreal-Doha, at which airport does the security clearance/immigration checks takes place, in Ottawa or Montreal?
You go through Security in Ottawa. There is no Canadian Immigration when leaving Canada, so all you do in Montreal is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate if your bags are checked through.
I need a fly is a emergency how is the waiting list to Santa Clara Cuba or habana.
There is no "waiting list". You just need to book a ticket on an airline.
I have a SW flight booked from atlanta to Montego Bay jamaica. I change planes in orlando. When departing in Atlanta do I check in at the iternational terminal or north terminal.
You check in in the Domestic Terminal North. Southwest does not have a counter in the International Terminal.
We fly from Las Vegas to newark terminal C, we arrive at 21.15 and leave to go to Edinburgh at 21.55 is this enough time?
Yes, all you have to do is walk from your arrival gate to your departure gate.
I ARRIVE at Schipol on 17.9.17 at 15.55 (KLM1960 from Zürich) TO GET MY CONNECTION FLIGHT to
Just follow signs to your departure gate. They should be near each other.
Does your flight tracker do that?
This website doesn't have a flight tracker. What flight are you looking for information on?
Where do I go in for an international flight for Scandanavian Air today~ I have checked in but need to print off tickets. Do I have to go to Terminal one or can I take care of it at Terminal 5
My son is in Baltimore and is flying back to North Carolina this Sunday. He didn't fly into Baltimore, he drove. But he is flying out.
He should just arrive early at the airport and show whatever he does have to verify his identity. Since it's a domestic flight they will likely eventually let him through.