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Where do I pick up my adopted pet that is being shipped?
What airline? What airport?
It will be Logan International Boston. United, American or Delta. I don't have the confirmation yet on which airlines.
Usually it's the baggage office but sometimes it's a cargo office away from the terminal. So it depends on the airline.
Thanks Zap found put it is Delta Cargo building at Logan.
How do I find out about flights leaving Indianapolis Indiana to Louisiana on march 29th 2018
There is only one nonstop flight from Indianapolis to Louisiana - Allegiant Air flight 1850. It did indeed operate on the 29th and left Indianapolis slightly late at 6:16 PM (scheduled was 5:57 PM) and arrived in New Orleans at 7:34 PM Central Time (7:06 scheduled).
How far is AA Terminal in Honolulu from Sun Coast Airlines ?
Are they on the same floor ? Same Terminal ? As I am flying with Sun Coast while my family is AA.
Hope someone can tell me.
It is HNL. Honolulu Airport. Thanks !
There is no "Sun Coast Airlines". Do you mean "Sun Country"? If so they are the same terminal.
Thank you ! You are right !
It is Sun Country Airline.
So it will be at the same Terminal with AA ?
I am afraid the 2 airlines are way too far. As in Lax
all the terminals are distance away. And I am by myself. My brother will fly with AA. But I would like to try this new airline for the price is ( lower ).
However, I don’t know of Sun Country. Hope I make the right choice.
Yes, it is all the same terminal in Honolulu.
Also, Sun Country is not a new airline. It has been around about 30 years and has flown to LAX for about 15 years. LAX-Honolulu is just a new route for them.
Outgoing package from Newark around Jan 6th lost with no tracking information. Does mail fly out of there and do you know anything about a delay or missing packages that supposedly fly out of Newark?
You need to contact whatever postal company the package was shipped with.
If i Buy alchol at the duty free shoo can i carry it on the plane?
What airport? Do you have a connecting flight?
Retkjavik. No connection
Do you fly English Bulldogs and if so what are the requirements?
This is, not any airline's website.
My return flight from Fort Lauderdale airport next Saturday January 6, 2018 is at 7:43 am, how early is enough to do all required security process? This is the end of winter break but early in the morning, not sure how crowded this airport gets.
if you get there by 6 AM you should be fine.
How long do I need to get from terminal 5 arrivals to terminal 3 lost property office
What airport?
Heathrow Term 5 to Hrw Term 3 lost property office
Hello. does anybody know what gate I'll be arriving from Knoxville? My airline is American Airlines connecting flight Qatar Airways to Doha. Thank you in advance everyone.
What airport? Your gate will be on the day of your flight.
Need to file a report for lost item
This is not any airline or airport's website. You need to contact the airline or airport.