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Have 58 minutes layover from Calgary to Beijing is that enough time to change planes?
Where is your layover?
Vancouver then change planes to Beijing
Yes, all you have to do in Vancouver if both flights are on the same reservation is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate.
Thank You very much:)
What gate does international flights use? In particular Japan Airlines?
What airport?
Does any body know the requierements , does it need passport or just the birth certificate ?
The infant needs a passport.
How much time prior to flight do I need to be at FCO airport? U.S. traveler flying from FCO to BDS on AlitalIa in Octover 2017.
Since it's a domestic flight being there an hour early is all you need if you have no checked bags. Closer to 90 minutes if you have bags to check.
Can I crochet on the plane, have a crochet hook?
Does SWA ever have a gate change to another terminal when connecting to another flight?
At what airport?
I'm flying from Sarajevo to Istanbul from Istanbul to Kuala Lumpor with Turkish airlines and I have only 85 min between is that enough time ???
Yes, that should be enough time.
Your site no such delays are reported but in fact we know it is delayed. Is the information on the site inaccurate or something else going on
This website does not list delays for individual flights. it lists general delays affecting all flights at an airport.
I am flying out of Dublin on Delta connecting thru AMS. I see I checkin at Terminal 1 because it's a KLM flight from DUB. Do I then go to Terminal 2 to clear U.S. customs?
No, Since you are connecting in Amsterdam you can't do Preclearance in Dublin. You will clear US Immigration and Customs at your US Airport point of entry.
The baggage goes from DC to Paris --without having to recheck... so I'm guessing yes...but want to make sure.
Yes, that is correct.