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None of my google search results for "MCO TSA lines" resulted in conversations about what I learned quickly this morning are the worst security lines I have ever experienced. Why do initial ID/boarding pass checkpoints make the 5-6 areas converge to one line? Why? The serpentine line dividers then open to make the 5-6 checkpoint areas converged from the opposite side converge again before leaving you a crap shoot choice of which lane is best to join to go through the body scanner. (Body scanner. UGH.) Are lane dividers scarce in Orlando? Has the Disney/Universal funplex taken them ALL? I would think that Orlando would be the top location for premium queue design and optimization science. That queue was shameful.
Can I get permission to pick somebody up at arriving gate
If they are a child on a domestic flight, yes. If they are not, no.
is passport required as id?
What airport? Where are you flying from and to?
How long does it take to walk from gate C19 to gateE29
What airport?
I have a pacemake/difibrulator for my heart and I cannot go thru those scanners or anything magnetic. What should I do and do I need any kind of ID or paperwork?
You can pass through those scanners safely. You should have an implanted device ID with you -
I need to speak to Lost & Found urgently about a telephone left at gate 12/13 in terminal A.
This is - not any airline or airport's website. You didn't even post what airport you're talking about.
I need to speak to Lost & Found urgently about a telephone left at gate 12/13 in terminal A.
Can anyone tell me if there is a fast struck security lane at FCO, Teermnal 3 for AA Business Class flying to US?
May I take my iPad on a Southwest Airlines flight from Philadelphia pa to Tampa. Florida
Yes, of course.
Where is the enrollment center located in terminal 2
I have an appt. for my global entry and need directions as to where to go in terminal 2