If I am flying into AMS from SEA and then getting on a flight to India (Bangalore), will I have to go through a security check again? If so, how long a wait is it to get through security? I have about 1.5 hour layover and want to makes sure I do not miss my connnection
Does a US passport holder flying from Stockholm to Schipol need to clear customs once deplaned?
I am flying from Munich to Dublin in October on Aer Lingus. How long should I arrive at the airport prior to departure?
Are security lines long in the period 2.30-4.30 pm?
1) Outgoing IND to PHL to ZRH on American - with TSA check in IND is another check required in PHL?
2) Incoming a reverse - If bags are checked all the way through, do they have to be picked up then reentered in PHL for Customs like ORD does?
Im flying to seattle on Alaska; changing to AA for flight to DFW. Have to get luggage and recheck. Flight lands 2am, departs 5am for DFW. What time are ticket counters (AA) and TSA Security gates open??
In the process of going through the security check following the procedure I put my handbag, iPad, mobile phone and a gold bangle in the tray. After passing through the security myself I waited for my items and collected them as they arrived apart from the bangle. I only realised that I did not pick up the bangle after the flight (BA0809) took off. Hence, could not report or deal with 'tis.
I would appreciate if you can please respond and advise how I can possibly retrieve this valuable and sentimental item. Thanking you in anticipation.
I will fly Bahamasair to Nassau from MCO. Anyone knows if I can check in online (24 hrs) and get the boarding pass, or do I have to check in at the ticket counter when I get to the airport. Thanks for your info.
I read somewhere that you can take the new metal drink bottles thru security (as long as empty) is this true with the USA - dont want to take them on the plane from UK to get them removed for our connecting flight and/or on the flights home ?

Will this purse be allowed to take as it is designed for fraud purposes like someone passing by and scanning credit cards or my ID. Not sure if your scanner can pick up what is inside without me having to take everything out.