im flying with my 8 year old niece, what do i need to bring for her for identification to get through security? i.d ? birth certificate? anything at all?
Is there a camera in the airport parking lot or can I determine if a car has entered the parking lot?
I was checking my tickets for a denver to Vancouver flight tomorrow and noticed my maiden name is in place of my correct middle name. I called to make the correction and they say they are unable to. My passport has my correct middle name. They said they would email TSA. Will that be sufficient? Thanks in advance.
daughter is connecting at JKF from Iceland, with only 90 minutes to go through customs, and maybe change terminals on Delta. (arriving flight is 6 hours late). Will she have enough time to make connection?
Is TSA security open 24 hours?
At virtually every airport it closes in the middle of the night.
I have Global entry. Will I be able to use it at DUB at the US pre-clearance checkpoint?
Yes, you should be able to.
Hi on April 28 at the security check in for Air China flight CA997, terminal 3 at around 1:30pm I lost 2 Samsung phones, and sugar testing machine in a zip lock bag and a Samsung tablet in black case.
Can I use either for a domestic flight?
Yes, you can.
There is the Customs Office for Trusted Traveler Interviews? I can't seem to figure out exactly where to go for my interview.
*Where. Not There.
What airport?
We don't fly often, but I seem to recall there's a separate security line for families traveling with young children; our son will be 3. Is this accurate?
They pretty much got rid of those.