ZAFFUTO Anna Mathilde
on August 31, 2020 at 3.30 p.m., I forgot my watch ( CITIZEN) in the basket when going through security.
How to recover my watch?
I flew to Catania-eindhoven on August 31, 2020 at 4.35 p.m.
Hi i left my bag at the exit close to the aprking around 4am today. Please contact me
My mom lost ID F.R.B. at COV19 check point on 7/19/20
Hi. I’m trying to flight from NJ to Detroit MI. I lost my wallet that had my ID and drivers licenses. So as my passport is expired. I have a picture on my phone of my license will they let me in with that? Thank you
Date of 12 july 2020 I lost my Emirates ID after test of Covid -19 @ Terminal 2. I was arrive from kathmandu to DXB2
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hello can someone please tell me if I am able to travel from texas to california with an expire drivers license?
Hello Im try to go back home from jamaica to Israel and I don't have american passport but I always use my visa to pass threw us.
becouse of the covid-19 I dont know if its still ok to pass threw us with visa pass its still good ?
Does a 4 month baby need a passport to travel within the US or will a birth certificate suffice?
One agent made me wait 12’ behind guys in front of me. Another waved me to pass. Patting down my chest after X-ray? Lots of agents not paying attention while picking up luggage - can I pick up my stuff? I asked. Sure! Walked right next to 2 men ‘getting dressed’ next to security