Why do you have a post on this website under security and ID that offers fake passports and drivers licenses. It has a contact name and address. You may want to check this before TSA does.
Someone keeps posting it and we have no way to delete it. It is not endorsed content of any kind.
I have a 6am flight Sat morning what is the earliest I will be able to get through security?
I didn't state the airport Dallas Lovefield
The first flights out appear to all depart around 6, so security probably opens at about 4:30.
I am unsure if this is your responsibility, but I am unable to obtain a contact for this he TSA in RSW. Why is the Pre-check line at RSW not open at RSW this morning (4/11/18) at 7:30AM? We had a 8:20 am flight and were told pre-check was not open “today”. Are you kidding me? RSDW is a very busy airport with flights all day long. I have flown out of a lot smaller airports where pre-check is open at 5AM. We spend monies to get pre-check certified only to be told they are not open today. Please....if you cannot address this issue, kindly send to TSA officials at RSW. Thanks for listening.
This is not the airport's website. So no, nobody here knows nor can we forward your question to anybody.
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I will be flying with my elderly parents in May. I am flying from ND into MPLS (solo). When I land in MPLS my parents will meet me at the airport and we will fly onto our final distention together. I have plenty of time between my flights, well over 3 hours. Can I exist security and meet my parents at check in to assist them in checking in and checking their baggage? I understand I too will need to go through security again but would like to know if and how I do this. Will go down to baggage claim and go up to check-in? THANKS for your help on this matter.
Yes, you can do that.
I have 3 pins in my neck who do I tell when I get to air port
Tell the person who checks your ID and boarding pass at the security podium. They will tell you if you need to tell anyone else or do anything else differently.
Do I have to take off all of my gold jewelry at security, such as necklaces and wedding rings?
No, rings and thin necklaces can stay on.
Are flight leaves at 5:10 when does tsa check point open?
What airport?
I went through security yesterday to travel from London to tronto, on air Canada I believe I left my cel phone in one of the security bins, its in a black case with a white paint mark on the back and a chip off in the top right corner, did you by chance have someone turn it in, please advise, thank you
My license has expired in october 2017 can i still fly with it? Im under DACA and waiting to receive my updated social to renew my license
Do you have another thing with your name and photo on it?