What time should we check in for a 5:30 A.M. flight to Cancun
what is the wait through US customs for flight arriving at 8 pm
Can you obtain a visa at Antalya airport when you arrive?
Recently I flew from Jax to Dalas, where I lost my Fl Drivers License. Next Friday I fly back to Jax. Can I use my us passport I'd to checkin with the airline and with TSA? Thank you jjm
Is CBD oil and other products allowed at Tampa/St. Pete airport?
Has anyone found my partners passport he landed at Bristol airport the 1st July and has somehow miss placed his passport. Name is j Williams
Found the passport now
What is the typical security wait time for a late Sat afternoon departure? Aug 31 to be specific.
Is a boarding pass sufficient ID to go through security for my minor child ?
I am traveling Thursday June 27th and have a 6:00 PM flight (Term 5 ORD). I took the same flight 3 weeks ago. The TSA wait time was two hours. Is this typical?
Taking a domestic flight into Newark and then a flight to UK.via United. Will we have to go thru security again or is there a method for staying in secure areas to transfer from terminal a to terminal c?. Also is a two hour layover a long enough time to get between the two? Thanks