I will be traveling with a cat in a soft under the seat carrier. when going thru security will I have to take the cat out of the carrier?
Left gray, good size knee brace at TSA while checking other items. Friday night , March 15 at about 8:15.
Used for knee stabilization and appreciate getting it found and returned. Thank you so much
Nancy Beless
what are the child id requirements for a 4-yr old?
I lost my I Phone X with bright yellow silicone cover before I cleared through the customs at the DMK international arrival terminal. Thanks for your help.
Will I need to go through security again between 2 domestic Delta flights at Alanta International? I will not have checked baggage. I apologize if this seems like a dumb question in advance.
No. All gates are past the TSA check point and are in the sterile area.
Traveling from US to CPH onto Milan with 70 minutes layover. Is that enough time to go through customs?
I probably forgot my I Phone X with white silicone cover in the grey box going through the control.
Today around 2.00 p.m. terminal 3 - flying with LX 0253 TLV-ZRH - Serial Nr DNPW14QCJCLJ.
Thanks for your answer.
Micheline Friedrich
I've lost my pouch bag and all my documents were there, really need to get that bag immediately, because my flight is on February 5. Please help me find it. I reckon we were standing near the checking area where there were two Security guards standing ( 2nd floor).
Now that the government is reopened are TSA wait times back to normal?