Just left the Tulsa International Airport. TSA is doing an excellent job there. Thank you to those making flying out of TUL a great experience!
If transiting Miami from Key West Int’l airport, to DCA, do you have to go through security again?
Given the reports of TSA workers taking sick days, how long is it taking to get through security?
What are the current wait times in TSA for domestic travel?
Security wait time for 8:00 pm flight on 1/14/2019
I'm very confused about the real Id. I'm planning on driving to Florida in January and flying home to NY. Can I use my standard NYS driver license to board? Also is a social Security card considered valid as a second ID?
I just moved to Oregon and I got a valid State ID. I do not have a drivers license, passport nor am I military. Will I have any issues with just a State ID or will I need some other form of ID?
How early do I need to arrive for a 7:30am departure on Dec. 26th?
Last week I few with American Airline (terminal 5) and saw a kiosk by security check-in close.Can you provide me with information about the kiosk. I saw some people by it then they didn't have to wait in the long line for security check-in.
If this wallet was found please contact Sr. Mary Alice McCabe Phone: 4846788207. Probably lost near Starbucks near Gate 2 -3 Southwest terminal