I am traveling t to japan. My ticket has my name and middle initials. My passport has full name and full middle name. Would this pose a problem to board
That shouldn't be a problem. Only the first and last name has to match.
I took the Air Canada AC226 from Vancouver to Calgary at 20:25 on 14 March 2018. I may lose a Louis Vuitton Key Bag, see attached photo for the model, at Vancouver airport

Should you find this, pls inform me via this email or phone 852-94195169.

Many thanks
as a handycap person over 74 do i need to go thru security?
Yes, everyone goes through security.
I have an interview with US Customs and Border Protection tomorrow and it says Charlotte-Douglas - Downstairs Location. Is that in a specific terminal? Not sure where to go when I get into the airport. The address is at the airport - 5501 Charlotte-Douglas, Josh Bingingham Pkwy
Charlotte only has one terminal.
I am travelling from Bangalore, India to Halifax, Canada via Frankfurt and Boston Logan International airport. I have a connecting flight at Boston, with a Layover of 4h 55m and I have to change terminals from E to B.

In such a scenario, do I need a US Transit Visa?
Yes, you need a US Transit Visa.
Do you have to go through security again if you are transferring at DFW?
If the first flight is domestic or precleared, no, the Skylink train connects all gates inside security. If you have to clear US Immigration & Customs in DFW, then yes, you do.
What time does the security screening entrance open at HSV? I have an early flight (5:30 AM). The last time I had an earlier flight (out of another airport) I arrived the recommended 1.5 hours before, and had to wait almost an hour for the security checkpoint to open. Thanks!
Your flight is the first flight out and there are no other flights for an hour after yours, so I would think it wouldn't open until 4:30-4:45.
my drivers license expired and I have a temp licsense can I fly with the temp? NH to FLA
Bring both if you have them.
Flying on southwest at 2 pm on Saturday- where is second less crowded security check point and can we get to gate C sOuthwest easily from there. We will curbside checkin at southwest
What Airport?
i am currently in the process of applying for a global entry pass and am scheduled for my interview at SFO in March, I live near OAK airport and would much rather go to OAK airport for my interview. I received an email telling me that I could complete my interview when returning from an international flight at OAK. I am not scheduled to fly anywhere and would like to find the location to complete the interview on this side of the bay before I fly again. How can I accomplish this goal?