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I'm the designated beneficial diplomat
But do you have a golden sash and a monocle?
Westerned uniform no....Wells Fargo
I put a Q on the wall next to the Dream Catchers. Twas the pride of the peaches.
In IAH Terminal C Domestically is there
One security line for TSA pre and ANOTHER line for
Trusted traveler/Global E? I have trusted traveler and think I
Noticed this after waiting in TSA pre for a while but wasn't
Clear if I was able to use it? Was I imagining things?
Would I just need my card
No, for security Global Entry and TSA Pre are the same thing. To be able to use TSA Pre it needs to be PRINTED ON YOUR BOARDING PASS. Your card is meaningless for security - it's only used for Immigration.
So I have a birth certificate and my sosial card and everything and I'm flying from California to South Carolina so you think they will let me fly with only those documents I have proof of residents too.. what should I do?
With no photo ID whatsoever that will be pretty difficult. Try to get a state ID from your state of residence.
Can I bring a carton of cigarettes with me?
Yes, of course.
What items are you allowed in carry on bag? My first time flying. Can you have a pack of cigarettes in purse and a lighter?
Arriving at terminal 1 at 9am flight departs at 10:20 am FCO to CDG. How long to get through security to get to gate??

With no checked bags that should be enough time.
Departing a cruise on 20 july, arriving at 6am. Is there enough time to get to FCO terminal 1 for a FCO to CDG flight at 10:20 am?? Do I check in at TERminal 1??
How long of a layover do I need in DFW to get thru customs? I will have my 2 kids 8 & 4.
At least 2 hours is recommended.
We are leaving Sunday (6/11) out of terminal 2 at 5:30 pm. How early should we arrive with no checked bags?
At what time in the morning does the TSA open?
What airport?
Get there a little after 9 if you have to check bags, 9:30 with no checked bags.