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Hi, we are travelling to philadelphia airport from manchester England and then flying to dayton. How long should we leave to get through security and customs.
You need at least 90 minutes, preferably closer to 2 hours.
I have read that in May there were horrific security line problems at airport and many people missed their flights. We are going from AMS to EDI on July 6 in late afternoon. Realistically how early do we need to be at the airport - we are checking luggage.
can i fly domestic with a mexican consular card issued by the mexican consulate in Kansas City, Ks
No, a Mexican consular ID is not considered valid ID by the TSA. You need to either get a state ID or use your Mexican passport.
My Son lost his ID in the airport. Do you have a lost and found?
This is not any airport's website.
Why would I pick a random airport forum yo ask a question? Like I said my son was flying out of Oregon Friday and lost his ID. Can you help me or not?
You bring up a valid point. Why would you pick a random forum to ask your question? Yet you did it, so you're the only one who can answer that question. Even saying Oregon doesn't help too much as Oregon has several airports and we have no idea which one you are talking about. You may have better luck if you contact the airport rather than asking on a random forum. As a general rule though, yes, most airports have a lost and found. Again, you would have to contact the airport to inquire about a specific item.
MFR Rouge valley international.... you wrote all that off the subject be trying to be a smart ass and still didn't answer my question. You could have given me the number for all the airports lost and found instead of a lecture. Who made you all the go to people?
How much time is needed to get through security at terminal 1 FCO ?
why can you stupid fucks not understand how to put a wait time on this page? just looking for wait times and what you get is bunch of bullshit times. i will fix your page for free you are to dumb to do it. call me at 612-719-6753
My daughter is visiting Ny and has lost her wallet. Need to know what she will need for us to clear security on her return flight
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In IAH Terminal C Domestically is there
One security line for TSA pre and ANOTHER line for
Trusted traveler/Global E? I have trusted traveler and think I
Noticed this after waiting in TSA pre for a while but wasn't
Clear if I was able to use it? Was I imagining things?
Would I just need my card
No, for security Global Entry and TSA Pre are the same thing. To be able to use TSA Pre it needs to be PRINTED ON YOUR BOARDING PASS. Your card is meaningless for security - it's only used for Immigration.
So I have a birth certificate and my sosial card and everything and I'm flying from California to South Carolina so you think they will let me fly with only those documents I have proof of residents too.. what should I do?
With no photo ID whatsoever that will be pretty difficult. Try to get a state ID from your state of residence.