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Im going to Puerto Rico can I used the NYC identification card like id
No. You need a drivers license, passport, or state ID.
Traveling Guam - Narita Japan - Denver - Las Vegas
Will 1 hour and 15 minutes be enough time to pick up baggage , go thru customs and recheck baggage then get to our gate
Yes, that should be just enough time if the flight from Tokyo is on-time.
Are ecigarettes/vaporizors allowed to be carried on board.........I understand that they are not allowed in check baggage?
Yes, you can bring them as a carry-on in the US.
Lost my wallet on the flight SK2747 from Palanga to Copenhagen. My ID is in it under the name of Hermen Gerrit Rutgers. Nat. NL
Please mail me on
I am departing on Delta for an international flight from Terminal 4 but have a 5 hr layover. My service animal will need the relief area and I'd like to use the one in Terminal 5. Will I have to go through security again to access terminal 5 and then again to get back into 4? Thanks.
Can an expired drivers license be used as I.D. For boarding a plane in calif. to n.j.
Yes, but bring some sort of additional ID if you have it.
Traveling from Houston to Guayaquil, Ecuador with a layover in Bogato, Columbia. Do we go through Customs in Columbia or when we arrive in Ecuador?
What airlines are you flying? Are both flights on the same reservation?
Flying United to Bogota. Not worried about return flight - don't get out of Ecuador until we land back in Houston
What airline are you flying from Botota to Guayaquil? If everything is on the same reservation you do not have to go through Colombian immigration in Bogota.
China Eastern Airlines is not an approved airline for China Transit Program.
Can a Chinese passport holder with a U.S. visa arriving from Shanghai on China Eastern transit YVR en route to a U.S. bound flight?
China Eastern is not a member of the China Transit Program so you need a Canadian Transit Visa -
Where is the global entry point? How can we find it?
Global Entry will have its own line in the Immigration hall - it will be well marked.