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Do we go back through security from d to c?
What Airport?
My son is being release from prison. So he only has a prison ID. He’s in Northern Ca. And will come to Southern Ca. I bought him a airline ticket.
Will he be able to go thru security with just a Prison ID?
He'll need something else, a birth certificate, maybe papers from the prison, something else to help verify his identity.
I lost my NDL and only have my old expired ID card, a prison ID card that have a picture, I do have my birth certificate, social security card, and other items with my name on them, I also have the print out they give you at the DMV saying I'm waiting for my new ID to come in the mail, will these items get me threw security & on my flight its not an out of the country flight.?
In the US that will probably be sufficient.
How early do I need to arrive
For what? What airport? Where are you flying from and to?
when travelling from Halifax to Toronto and then on to Los Angeles to I have to claim luggage in Toronto before going through customs.
I have to collect an item left on an airline and was told it was with airport police. How do I find the office of the airport police please
What airport?
Are there long lines for TSA today? Saturday afterThanksgiving 2017.
This website is not a live tracker. Also, you didn't say what airport you're talking about.
Sunday 11/20/17 7:50 pm Sardinas was my checking personal officer. We had an express connection flyer. She was EXTREMELY RUDE. She kept asking un-needed question while I’m telling her we might lose our flight. Including all the steps she’ll do one by one by one by one!!!! & if I need a private place to go to be screened. THEN came her SUPERVISOR who was not any less RUDE OR EVEN MORE RUDE THAN HER. “”We can’t speed security”” you’re making I️t longer.. they should definitely SCREEN THEIR EMPLOYEES!!!
Firstly, you didn't post what airport this even happened at. Secondly, this is not the website of any airport or airline or the TSA.
This happened @ Chicago o’hare Int’l airport.
I am hard of hearing with a nut allergy
You need to contact your airline.
My daughter is a Freshman at UMN and flying home for first time for Thanksgiving. How long should she expect the security screening lines to be on Tuesday Nov 21 around 4:00-4:30?
What airport? What airline?
Her school is UMN so Minneapolis airport. Flying Delta at 5:30 pm