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Dear Lost & Found - Korea Airport,

Yesterday I had a flight from Korea to Vietnam by Jeju Airline. (Flight number: 7C2803)

Due to I need to move some items from hand baggage to baggage and I forgot my gift from my partner - the Ginseng Gel in the chair line in E area (1 red box with 2 bottles of Ginseng Gel) with the flyers of "Duty Free shopping" inside the box.

The time I lost around 8:00pm

After that I came back I can not see my gift anymore. My friend advises me to write this mail because she said Korea Airport is the very safe place so I am trying to find my lucky when writing this mail. So In case if you found out something, please let me know! I really appreciate that!

Thank you so much & Best regards

Waiting forward to receive you news!

P/S: the soft paper layer inside the box has a hole in the middle which is caused by my nails.