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Do the restaurants at Incheon Airport take Discover Card? Thank you for any help!
Worst experience ever. Couldn't eat with my girlfriend because the food empire food court and restaurant are deceivingly placed together and don't allow you to bring food over. Then I order a bimbimbam and it was cold... WTF seriously and the manager didn't even offer me to order another dish. Very disappointed.
It was the funniest thing... I was waiting for a flight, and I saw the cafe called Paris Croissant, and I thought, "I could go for a croissant..." So I went in and ordered one, and they said, "We don't have that." I had to laugh! "It's the name of your store!" The employees admitted that the owners didn't know what it meant... so, no croissants. But they do have good pastries and coffee. Funny.
Before there name is Paris baguette but never sell baguette also.