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We are arriving on an international flight on Delta Airlines and transferring to Korean Airlines to Singapore in late December 2017. Are both airlines and their gates in the main terminal and how much time do we need to allow to get from Delta to Korean airlines? Do we need to take a tram or walk and how far is it?
hi, i am arriving 14/12/17 on KE672 & connecting to KE745 to final destination Fukuoka. 2questions, where is my conncting gate & is there food near the gates ( apx how many minutes walk ). Thanks
I am flying from LAx to Seoul on flight #KE 18 arriving at 5:40pm and connecting flight #KE 689 leaving at 6:30 pm to Phonm Penh. How far I have to go from one gate to another. Do you think I have enough time to get to the gate.
I'm connecting from Korean Air to Air Canada in 1 hour, 20 minutes. I won't have checked bags. Will this be possible? Thank you.
Hello, I will be arriving to Incheon airport on December 20th with Korean Air, KE024 and need to go to Korean Air, KE47. Do i be needing to change terminals? Is the gates very far?
I am flying in Korean Air and need to transfer to Air Canada. Do you know if I need to change terminals? Will I have to take the shuttle bus?
I am connecting in ICN from Korean Air to Delta airlines. Will 1 hr. and 25 minutes be enough time?
Hello I’ll be arriving on Asiana flight 712 at 16:30 from TPE and need to connect with AA 280 departing at 18:35. Will I have enough time to clear customs and immigration and make the connection.? Thank you very much
On two separate reservations with checked bags that will be very difficult.

We're flying SYD- ICN on Asiana arriving at 19:00 and departing ICN for HNL at 20:20 also on Asiana tge aame day. Will we have time to make the connecting flight and will Asiana check our luggage through to HNL? I'm a little concerned we didn't allow enough time between flights.

Thank you.
Hello. I am accompanying my family to the airport, and after that I need to return to Seoul Nambu Bus Terminal, so I will have to take the bus from Arrivals , 1F...
My question is how do I get from Departures to Arrivals.