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Assuming my flight arriving in ICN is not delayed I will have 45 minutes to get on a flight to BKK. I am wondering if the 45 minute layover could create some issues?

Thank you
hello, everyone. I will be arriving to Incheon Intl aiport around midnight and need a lounge to stay as my departure flight to Osaka is at 9am the next morning. i understand the terminal 2 is a new one that just opened. Is there a transit hotel or a lounge i can stay at while waiting for my next flight? i haven't been able to find much information on this regard.
I fly into Seoul, Incheon at 16:20 hrs on Feb 11th. What terminal does my plane arrive to?
What terminal does China Southern Air leave out of in ICN
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Currently ICN only has one terminal. Once Terminal 2 opens, they will use Terminal 2.
It’s open but It doesn’t look like China Southern are going to be using it.
I arrive at ICN Terminal 1 (Taipei to Seoul with Asiana), then have a connection from Seoul to Toronto, with Air Canada. I only have 80 mins to make the connection. Do I need to go through security and immigration during this connection. or just go straight to the gate ? what about my baggage? they will be transferred automatically or I have to pick them up from the belt and checking in with Air Canada again.
If both flights are on the same reservation you can go straight to your departure gate.
I'll be arriving at Terminal 1 on an Asiana Airline flight at 07:10 hours and then need to transfer to Terminal 2 for a Korean Airlines flight at 12:55. Do Korean Airlines have a facility at Terminal ! where I can check my baggage in or do I have to "cart" it over with me to Terminal 2 and check it in there?
When is this flight? Terminal 2 hasn't opened yet. I suspect you will have to transfer your bags between airlines yourself.
Thanks for taking the time to come back. Terminal 2 opened around 18th January.
I arrive to ICN Terminal 1 (Tokyo to Seoul with Asiana), then have a connection from Seoul to Singapore, with Singapore Airlines. I only have 90 mins to make the connection. Do the Singapore Airlines flights depart from ICN Terminal 1 & do I need to go via Immigration, or just go straight to the gate ?
You can go straight to your gate.
Unfortunately this is 2 different tickets with checked baggage. Have just under 4 hours. Clear immigration, claim luggage and then take the LONG way around to Terminal 1 for AA check-in ( in other words not the tram connecting the 2 terminals)? Need a visa (USA citizen)? There’s not much information out there about the soon to be opened Terminal 2.
US Citizens do not need a visa to visit or transit South Korea. Other than that you have it correct.
Thank you ZAP!
My wife and I, both Chilean Citizens, will arrive at INCHEON Airport in Seoul, South Korea on Friday December 29th, 2017 at 06:00 AM on Aeroméxico's flight AM 90 from Mexico City. Then, we have a connecting flight from the airport the very same December 29th departing at 09:00 AM on flight SQ 607 from Singapore Airlines. As you can see we only have 3 hours left to catch our connection to Singapore on time.

I want to please ask you for your best recommendation regarding the inmigration process, customs, baggage claim, next flight registration and moving within the airport in order to make my connection on time.

Thanks in advance.
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Victor Barra Mullin
Victor I am taking that same flight AM flight from Mexico City, Then flying on KA to Bangkok at 9 am the same day of arrival. Same time as your trip. How was the time to go through immigration and customs then re check in then get to the gate for your flight to SIN? Todo bien?
Fortunatelly the flight form Mexico City arrived close to one hour early to Seoul, so we had enough time to be at the departure gate 45 min before. Since the end of year season is over, I think you can make it on time with in the 3 hour lapse. Good luck.
We are arriving on an international flight on Delta Airlines and transferring to Korean Airlines to Singapore in late December 2017. Are both airlines and their gates in the main terminal and how much time do we need to allow to get from Delta to Korean airlines? Do we need to take a tram or walk and how far is it?
From the airport maps on this website I know that Delta arrives at the Concourse Terminal gates 101 to 132. Once you complete security you need to take the shuttle train to the Passenger Terminal where Korean Airlines departs, gates 1 to 50.
You can check transfer instructions on
good luck.