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I am concerned that my two suitcases are stuck at the airport in ICN. I was there for 13 hours on 1/12/19. Is there someone who can search for two bags with the tags AS-44-73-28 and AS-44-73-29. The suitcases have been missing five days now. Please help. They were supposed to go to Almaty airport. My USA phone number is 503-676-6680. Thanks!
May I know how far is terminal M to AREX?
What terminal does Hong Kong express go out of
Hi, how/where can I exchange the normal type of T-Money card with teenagers/child type at Incheon Airport..tq
My wife and I, both Chilean Citizens, will arrive at INCHEON Airport in Seoul, South Korea on Friday December 29th, 2017 at 06:00 AM on Aeroméxico's flight AM 90 from Mexico City. Then, we have a connecting flight from the airport the very same December 29th departing at 09:00 AM on flight SQ 607 from Singapore Airlines. As you can see we only have 3 hours left to catch our connection to Singapore on time.

I want to please ask you for your best recommendation regarding the inmigration process, customs, baggage claim, next flight registration and moving within the airport in order to make my connection on time.

Thanks in advance.
Best Regards,
Victor Barra Mullin

I lost a very valuable Mont blanc pen ( worth over $ 800.00 )when I went through the security check for trancit flights.
I arrived from Hanoi on October 19th on flight OZ 728 and connected to flight OZ 204 on the same day.
When I went through the transit security check i left the pen in the tray.
Could you please check the security cameras and see if you can tell what happened to my pen.
I am very willing to pay a reward if my pen is found.
Thank you very much.
I arrive from San Fransisco on Korean Air. I transfer to Korean Air to fly to Yangon. How much time does the transfer take?
I have lost my suitcase inside the terminal area on my way to Canada, on 25/7/2016 at 1830 inside the duty free, I left it at WHOO counter, my baggage is Silver Rimova brand, 4 wheels. On my way back I lodged a complaint as no one could help me on the day that I lost my suitcase.

Now the suitcase is been found and kept at the customer department and the only way I can get back is to go to Korea personally or to ask any friend who is going to Korea to collect the bag?? Is this the best way to get back the lost and found?? I don't have any friends visitig Korea in the near future and I couldn't claim the insurance as the suitcase is found already. I am left with no option?? Please advise how do I reclaim my missing item from the airport, other than me visiting Korea again for this reason?!!!!
I have run into the same problem last week and they also asked me the same question, "Do you have a friend in Korea who can pick it up?". I forgot to pick up my small carry on suitcase at security. I realized I left it there about 40 minutes before my flight took off. Right before we departed, they found my suitcase but could not help much as I was about to depart (this was an international flight). Did you ever find a solution to this problem? It's so stressful!!!
Hi, I'm arriving at Incheon by SQ from Singapore at 4.45 pm and will be flying to Jeju by Asiana Airlines at 7.05 pm. Will we have enough time to collect our luggage and check in? Where do we go once we collect our luggage and clear customs?
Yes, that should be enough time. Once you collect your luggage and clear customs you will go to the Asiana check-in desk to re-check your bags.
I want to know how to buy ticket for the subway and where? How to go to subway from the arrival gate. Can you draw me the rote from arrival to the subway, please