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IND : Pet pickup Feb 14, '19 Comments: 0

Indianapolis Airport General Topics

Where at the terminal do we pickup an incoming pet from Texas ?

IND : customs time Jul 19, '18 Comments: 0

Indianapolis Airport General Topics

I am arriving from Paris with a connecting flight. The layover is only 1 hour. Will I have enough time to get through customs?

IND : Arriving ar terminal 1 Apr 24, '18 Comments: 0

Indianapolis Airport Gate Connections

How far is terminal 1 from Air France flight 344 to Paris; will I need to reserve a wheelchair ?

IND : 86 year old Apr 22, '18 Comments: 0

Indianapolis Airport Traveler Help

Can I get wheelchair assistance at the curb without letting one know ahead of time.

IND : Best place to park and pick up handicap passenger on Alligent flight. Mar 12, '18 Comments: 2

Indianapolis Airport Parking

I need to pick up my 85 year old mom who will be in a wheelchair on a flight from Mesa, AZ and just don't know how to go about making arrangements to pick her up. I was thinking of meeting her at the baggage claim. Where do I need to go for parking? Thank you
If you're meeting her at baggage claim just park in short term parking.
Thank you for your response.

IND : Wheelchair from Trans. center Feb 25, '18 Comments: 0

Indianapolis Airport Traveler Help

Need phone # or who to contact to get wheelchair and baggage from Shuttle bus drop off to ticket counter?

IND : Milesmom Feb 20, '18 Comments: 1

Indianapolis Airport Gate Connections

will I have time between American Airline flights 55 minutes?
Yes, that is enough time if the first flight is on-time. AA only has a few gates at Indianapolis.

IND : Escort to gate Nov 27, '17 Comments: 1

Indianapolis Airport Traveler Help

Can my 35 yr. old son walk my 99 yr. old father to his gate? My father refuses to ride in a wheelchair.
Call the airline. They can provided a non passenger assist pass that will allow this. You have to get the pass at the ticket counter when you arrive at the airport.

IND : Luggage Question Nov 11, '17 Comments: 0

Indianapolis Airport General Topics

Can I take a suit bag on my flight and have a place to hang it?

IND : Pick up vehicle height Nov 05, '17 Comments: 0

Indianapolis Airport Traveler Help

I will be picking up a relative and using my truck with a camper on the back with a height of 12feet. (Southwest Airlines). Will that height be a problem? Thx