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When arriving at IND, will there be some one to help me get luggage off Luggage belt and help me get it to my transportation
i will be parking at the Fast Park Lot and shuttled to airport. Will have my elderly Mother with me and need help at the airport drop off. will need wheelchair and an assistant. How do i arrange this?
I am traveling alone and I will need someone to lift my checked bag at SW airlines and someone to lift my checked bag up at the security check. Is there someone at the airport that can help me?
I need to arrange a wheelchair from the Enterprise car return to the Allegiant Air ticket counter for Nov 17 flight to Tucson. Who do I contact? I've already contacted the carrier for help to the gate, etc., but not from parking area.
I need to drop my minor daughter off for a mission trip. I have mobility issues. Is there a place at the airport where I can rent or use a wheelchair?
I need to know if there are trolleys in the parking lot at Indianapolis International Airport?
How do I get a gate pass to pick up my 4 year old granddaughter at the gate? My daughter will be flying with her to IND, but needs to take the turnaround plane immediately.
Can I get wheelchair assistance at the curb without letting one know ahead of time.
Need phone # or who to contact to get wheelchair and baggage from Shuttle bus drop off to ticket counter?
Can my 35 yr. old son walk my 99 yr. old father to his gate? My father refuses to ride in a wheelchair.
Call the airline. They can provided a non passenger assist pass that will allow this. You have to get the pass at the ticket counter when you arrive at the airport.