Innsbruck Bars, Cafes, Restaurants & Stores

Accademia Del Coffee

Phone: +43 512 22525-757

Airport Shop

You are certain to find something in our extensive range of newspapers, magazines, international press and books. In addition, you can also purchase tobacco and cigarettes, travel guide books
Gate/Area: Main Hall

Cafe Testa Rossa

Phone: +43 512 22525-755

Der Backer Ruetz

Fast food
Phone: +43 512 290553

Der Backer Ruetz

Gate/Area: Arrivals area
Phone: +43 50700-0


Phone: +43 512 22525-754

Travel Value & Duty Free

All passengers flying within the European Union, whether on international or domestic flights, can take advantage of the reduced prices on all items including wine, spirits, perfume