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JAX : What is the policy/availability to wheel chair access on Nov 14, '18 Comments: 0

Jacksonville Airport Traveler Help

we are departing JIA tomorrow, 11/14/18 at 6:15 pm for Newark. We will require TWO wheelchairs at the Jacksonville airport. What is the procedure?

JAX : Overhead Vehicle Clearances Sep 06, '18 Comments: 0

Jacksonville Airport Ground Transport

My van is 101” high. Can I pick up a passenger at the arrival pick up site?

JAX : When do I arrive at the airport May 16, '18 Comments: 0

Jacksonville Airport General Topics

Tomorrow for a 7:05 am Delta flight to LGA? What time should I arrive into the terminal building to get thru security and make my flight.

JAX : Wifi problem Apr 22, '18 Comments: 0

Jacksonville Airport Traveler Help

Our computer won’t connect to WiFi, what’s the trick?

JAX : Xo SHV using the same driver's license. Can I do this? Apr 20, '18 Comments: 0

Jacksonville Airport Traveler Help

I am flying from SHV to JAX using my driver's license that expires in 2021. I have been cleared to do this from the Louisiana Motor Vehicle Department. They suggested I make sure that JAX will allow me to return to SHV using my Louisiana Driver's License. Can I do this?

JAX : Arrival Parking Mar 23, '18 Comments: 0

Jacksonville Airport Parking

Is there a place to park briefly while waiting to pick up a passenger. Instead of driving around and around

JAX : What time? Feb 28, '18 Comments: 0

Jacksonville Airport Gate Connections

I have a AA flight leaving at 7:00 AM going to ORD on 3/21/18. What time should I get there to have plenty of time to get through security?

JAX : How to locate economy lots 1 or 2 Nov 12, '17 Comments: 0

Jacksonville Airport Parking

Have never flown out of Jacksonville and need economy parking rates and lots 1 and 2 locations or how to reach there. Please send some info.

JAX : Parking Lot Flooding ? Sep 11, '17 Comments: 0

Jacksonville Airport Parking

Does anyone know if there is flooding in the parking lots at JAX ?

Thank you !

JAX : Gus Wreiole Aug 30, '17 Comments: 0

Jacksonville Airport Traveler Help

When I arrive at JAX, how will I find a wheelchair to take me to my departure gate?