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Delta DL1273 had lost bags aboard. Delta does not have them scanned. Have bags landed in JAX? Told previously they would be delivered May 19. Have another flight and need those bags.
We are looking for bags improperly routed in Rome via Alitalia and Delta. We were told the bags would be on Flight DL1273 from ATL to JAX May 16 and delivered by Airco on May 19.
Tomorrow for a 7:05 am Delta flight to LGA? What time should I arrive into the terminal building to get thru security and make my flight.
The wifi sign-in page doesn't load
What is the procedure for picking up a puppy that is being shipped via airlines?
Flight is at 10:55 am. What time should I arrive at airport?
Arriving at 9-9:30 should be fine.
I Had 2 flights concealed by United in past two day...could not get back from Quebec because of this. Where there any closings/de;aye s due to this?
What United hub were you flying through? Weather has been very stormy throughout the eastern part of the US for the past few days.
It's extremely difficult to connect as FYI
Can I rent a car at JAX and drop off at a different airport?
You need to contact the rental car agency directly. Open http://www.jia.aero/content.aspx?id=13 for available agencies and their contacts.
What is least expensive way to travel from Greyhound Terminal to JAX?
At JAX, The public AirJTA Express bus CT3 (904-630-3100 or visit jtafla.com) connects the Airport with downtown Jacksonville. You can also contact Jacksonville Transportation Authority at 904-630-3100.
-Go airport Shuttle the best Choice for a ride Call for reservation -904-353-8880 ask for Gabriel