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I saw some directions to this parking lot that said to turn left on Pecan Park Rd then another left . Is that turning left off of Airport Rd coming from I-95?
Is there a place to park briefly while waiting to pick up a passenger. Instead of driving around and around
Have never flown out of Jacksonville and need economy parking rates and lots 1 and 2 locations or how to reach there. Please send some info.
Does anyone know if there is flooding in the parking lots at JAX ?

Thank you !
Tips for passenger pickup at JAX: Use the free Courtesy Waiting Lot, which is next to the JAA Administration Building, a mere 2-minute drive to the arrivals curb in front of the terminal. To get there make a left onto Pecan Park Road, and again a lft into the Waiting Lot which shows current flight information. Stay in the lot until you get a call from your arriving passenger.
Thanks so much...very helpful