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Have a 5:30am flight on a Thursday. No bags to check, carryon only.
What time should we arrive at the airport?
What time does security open?
Anyplace open that early past security, so we can grab a coffe, or at least a bottle of soda?
Jax free WiFi does not connect at concourse a and sticks at obtaining up address status
I am going on a family trip in a couple days. I hurt my food yesterday, and I was wondering if the Jacksonville airport will let me pass the lines faster or something because my doctor told me not to stand on my foot for a long period of time.
How do I get one when I get off my flight to bring me to baggage claim?
My flight leaves 1/16/19 at 10:55am - what time should I arrive at airport to get through TSA since government shutdown?
we are departing JIA tomorrow, 11/14/18 at 6:15 pm for Newark. We will require TWO wheelchairs at the Jacksonville airport. What is the procedure?
Our computer won’t connect to WiFi, what’s the trick?
I am flying from SHV to JAX using my driver's license that expires in 2021. I have been cleared to do this from the Louisiana Motor Vehicle Department. They suggested I make sure that JAX will allow me to return to SHV using my Louisiana Driver's License. Can I do this?
When I arrive at JAX, how will I find a wheelchair to take me to my departure gate?
I need help getting from the terminal to my rental car and getting from the rental car return to the terminal. Will a skycap do this or should I use a taxi?