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JNB Gate Connections DISCUSSION

My wife and I will arrive on international flight with Virgin Atlantic VS449 on
18-09-19 at 08-05.
Connecting flight South African Airways to Hoedspruit SA8851 09-50 have we sufficient time for the connection.

Thank you
Frederick Wright
Hi. My wife an I will be transiting at JNB on way from Kigali to Malawi, arriving and departing from Terminal B of JNB. We hold Norwegian and UK passports. Would we be able to easily get to the Transit Protea Hotel in Transit section of Terminal A (we hold UK and Norwegian passports) fro and back to the Terminal B departure area after a short sleep? Thanks
I have a 3:55 PM international (terminal A) arrival on SSA and a domestic (Terminal B) departure on SSA at 6PM, do I have sufficient time to connect
We are landing at OR Tambo, with Mango. Then flying with BA on an International flight to Mauritius.
What floor is customs and what floor are the international departures on?
I am booked on a flight from Cape Town to St Helena in February but have heard that I may now have to go via Johannesburg instead of Windhoek. If this is the case when will the airline officially inform me of changes in flights and how difficult will it be make the connecting flights both inbound to St Helena and on the return journey back to Cape Town?

I'm considering a flight from Entebbe to Zurich connecting in JNB. First leg is operated by South african and second leg by Swiss. Both flights sold by swiss on one ticket.

Connection time is 70 minutes in JNB. Will it be enough time ? Should luggage follow ? Do I have to pass through any custom ?

Hi there,
I would like to book a connection flight with Air Namibia from Windhuk 14.10 to Johanneburg 15.55.
Do I have enough time for customs / baggage and check in to my next flight at 18.50 with Qantas from JNB to SYD ? Are 3 hours enough?
1 hr 35 minutes layover?
1 checked bag, Delta then Comair procedures?
customs?, security?,re-checked bag?
on schedule then 1 1/2 hours sufficent time?
Are both flights on the same reservation or two separate reservations?
same ticket,hopefully, but not bought yet
I would book the flight an hour later. Comair has hourly flights from JNB to CPT.