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Where is a good place to wait 4 hours for my pick up, once I have arrived at International Arrivals?
Can a wheelchair be arranged for collection at the drop off zone? as my dad won't be able to walk that far - he won't even make it from the parking to the terminal that is why I'm parking at drop off zone (closest point)
I need to know exactly where the Red Cross office is situated in the airport. I need to be given a Clexane injection before my flight to Australia. Plus are they open on a Sunday afternoon.
Arriving from New York at 8am going on to Gabarone at 9:55 am. Do not have to pick up luggage. How do I get to the international transfer area?
if bag is checked through to CPT from ATL(Delta)
go through security again in JNB and or customs?
or customs only in CPT?
Yes, its normally takes less than an hour, but sometimes longer especially in the weekend.