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JFK : Flight change time Feb 17, '19 Comments: 4

New York Kennedy Airport Gate Connections

I am flying from buffalo to JFK to Istanbul. I am 1 hr 45 mins. Is that enough time? I heard that we have to claim the baggage at JFK and go through security check again. That may time time. I am wondering if my time is enough.
What airline are you flying from Buffalo to JFK? Did you purchase this as one ticket, or two separate bookings? This is important information that will help give you the best advice.
JetBlue, just one ticket.
Since you're on one ticket, your bags should be checked to your final destination, so no need to claim bags. You will have to exit Terminal 5 and take the Airtrain to Terminal 1, where you will have to reclear security. You should have enough time if there are no delays and everything goes smoothly. If you are worried, you could ask to switch to an earlier flight out of Buffalo.
Thank you. This helps.

JFK : Assistance to Terminal Feb 08, '19 Comments: 0

New York Kennedy Airport Traveler Help

I'am taking a flight on 2-19-19. I would like to find out about rides to terminals. I have been long winded and do not think I can make the distance walk.Do you have shuttle rides? Or wheel chair assistance? Thank You Diane Cummings

JFK : San Francisco to JFK, connecting to flight to Cairo Jan 30, '19 Comments: 1

New York Kennedy Airport Gate Connections

Trying to determine how much time we need to get from Terminal 8 on a flight from San Francisco to JFK then transfer to Egypt Air flight to Cairo. right now it is 3 hours and 40 minutes layover. Is that enough time to get our bags, transfer terminals and re check with Egypt Air?
That should be plenty of time if your flights are on time. Even if it takes 30 mins for bags, 30 mins to walk and ride the AirTrain to T4 (Overestimating times here), you'll have more than enough time for check in and security.

JFK : Transbridge bus lines pickup at the public bus stop in terminal 4 Jan 18, '19 Comments: 0

New York Kennedy Airport Ground Transport

I would like to know as to where is the public bus stop at terminal 4 of JFK airport where the Trans-bridge bus lines picks passengers up to go to Pennsylvania. Is it a walkable distance? Any help will be deeply appreciated

JFK : tsa check times Jan 15, '19 Comments: 0

New York Kennedy Airport Gate Connections

how long is wait at jfk terminal 4 to san juan at 6am in morning?

JFK : JFK T 5: Arrival - baggage claim, how long does it take? Jan 14, '19 Comments: 0

New York Kennedy Airport General Topics

We're flying into JFK Terminal 5 in May with Aer Lingus (business class) from Dublin.
We will have done the The US Preclearance thing at Dublin Airport so that when we arrive at JFK Terminal 5 we'll be treated as domestic arrivals, avoid immigration queues etc and just be able to pick up our bags and go.
My question is: in people's experience, at JFK Terminal 5, how long from a plane's arrival at the gate does it take for the baggage to arrive at the baggage claim?
Look forward to your answers. Thank you

JFK : meeting a flight with pets Jan 06, '19 Comments: 0

New York Kennedy Airport Traveler Help

on Jan 22nd I have to meet a flight from DFW Texas to JFK and I have never ever been there. I would like to know where I should park and what terminal I need to get to for this flight landing at 5:15. Thank you for your time
Lynda Spurr

JFK : delta arivals Dec 30, '18 Comments: 0

New York Kennedy Airport Traveler Help

in what terminal is gate c63

JFK : Term 2 to Term 4 Connection Fastest Dec 29, '18 Comments: 0

New York Kennedy Airport Gate Connections

got a 1;15 min connect on DAL domestic to international out of Term 4. Want to avoid going out of security .. anyone have the details on the inter Term. Shuttle ? and will it work for that connection time ? thx

JFK : distance Dec 24, '18 Comments: 0

New York Kennedy Airport Ground Transport

distance between baggage claim terminal 5 to check in baggage Hawaiian air