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JFK : terminal 5 parking Apr 10, '19 Comments: 0

New York Kennedy Airport Parking

what level is the skywalk at terminal 5 parking garage?

JFK : 2 hour layver to get from Delta domestic to Alitalia Apr 06, '19 Comments: 1

New York Kennedy Airport Gate Connections

I arrive JFK at 6:35pm. I have an Alitalia flight departing 8:30pm. Delta says this is enough time to transfer. Is it? Don't I have to go thru screening in the international terminal? What is the fastest way to get from Delta to Alitalia? Thanks for any help!
You will have to change terminals to Terminal 1 for the Alitalia flight. You can take the Airtrain between terminals, and you'll have to reclear security in T1. If your bags are checked through and you already have your boarding pass for your onward flight, this is quite doable.

JFK : Connection time allowance Apr 03, '19 Comments: 0

New York Kennedy Airport Gate Connections

My direct flight was cancelled and I’ve been rescheduled to connect in JFK with exactly 1 hour between Aer Lingus landing and Jet Blue take-off. I’ve never used JFK. Is this doable?

JFK : jetblue from Jamaica to Boston Mar 25, '19 Comments: 0

New York Kennedy Airport Gate Connections

Good day, I WIll be traveling from Jamaica to Boston. connection through JFK, will I have to re-check my bags and go through TSA again from JFK to Boston?

JFK : 1-hr connection enough time? Mar 20, '19 Comments: 1

New York Kennedy Airport Gate Connections

American Airlines changed our flight: we fly PHX - JFK, one hour to make our connection (also American) JFK-LHR. Just carry-on. Assuming our inbound is on time, is that enough time to make the flight to London? Will we have to change terminals?
All American Airlines flights operate out of Terminal 8, so no need to change terminals/reclear security. If everything is on time, you will be fine.

JFK : Delta - Virgin Connection Mar 11, '19 Comments: 0

New York Kennedy Airport Gate Connections

I am flying From BUF to LHR on Delta/Virgin and I only have a 53 min connection time. Im hoping the gates are close by in case of any delays, also Im always worried about my bags making it on such short connections, anyone with experience of this connection please comment, greatly appreciated.

JFK : Munich to JFK on Luftansa connect to Delta Mar 06, '19 Comments: 1

New York Kennedy Airport Gate Connections

we arrive at 3:45 on Luftansa. we have global entry but we need to claim our bags. we need to get to Delta for a domestic flight for a 6:15 departure or we can depart JFK the next morning. Delta is a separate booking.
2.5 hours on an international to domestic, separate ticket connection is not advisable. In the best of circumstances, you could make it, but if your inbound is delayed, Delta is not obligated to protect you on another flight.

JFK : LGA to JFK- how much time to allow Mar 03, '19 Comments: 1

New York Kennedy Airport Gate Connections

I have flight from Kansas City to LGA that arrives at 2:15pm on a Saturday. Do I have enough time to get to JFK to catch a flight to Milan that leaves at 5:45pm. The flight is on Delta. flight from KC to NYC is on South West.
You should have enough time if your flight to LGA is on time.

JFK : Layover for flight to Aruba. Take bags and recheck in morning? Mar 02, '19 Comments: 0

New York Kennedy Airport Layover Ideas

We have an overnight layover at JFK and got a room at Hilton. Am I correct that we will need to collect our checked bags and then recheck everything next morning? Final destination is Aruba.

JFK : SF flight to JFK, with connecting flights to Europe Mar 01, '19 Comments: 1

New York Kennedy Airport Gate Connections

We have just about an hour & 15 min. in between our flights. I remember the last time we took this flight, we had to get our bags, recheck, then go back through security. We have global entry. Is there enough time? Do you still have to do all of this or are bags put directly through?
If you have booked on one ticket, your bags should be checked through to your European destination (This is not 100% always the case, but definitely more often than not). What airlines are you flying on each segment? In general, 1 hr 15 mins for this type of connection is tight, but doable if your inbound is on time.