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Is a Philippine passport holder need a us transit visa if he will go to bermuda? He will fly from Dubai -jfk- Bermuda? If yes how? Thank you in advance
Yes, he needs to apply for a US Transit Visa at any US Embassy or Consulate.
June 2 Arriving from Zurich at 1pm Delta need to clear customs and transfer to LAG for flight to MCi on Southwest at 6:50pm should we be OK?
The code for LaGuardia is LGA. Yes, you should have enough time.
I am looking at a Delta flight from CLT to JFK to Toronto Canada that has a 46 minute layover at JFK. Will that be enough time to go from terminal 2 to 4 (Delta International) and get to my connecting flight?
That is just enough time if everything goes smoothly. Actually both flights will likely be in Terminal 4.

A friend of mine just called me from JFK terminal 4‎, as he's sitting in the Lounge waiting to board his flight. 2 TSA agents, showed up handing him $40.00 that seemingly fell out of his pocket, while passing through security.

While we sometimes get to read in the press about people's experiences with TSA agents, and the agents aren't usually portrayed in the most flattering ways. I feel that it's equally important to Recognize and Praise the Good Actions these men did, as they went out of thier way - all the way to the lounge- to return lost money.

May this inspire all of us to do and act in the best interests of Humanity.

For your information, they were 2 gentleman, ‎and it happened in Terminal 4 JFK at around 11:00 PM today.

Grateful and inspired,


This is not the JFK Airport's website. Nobody from the JFK Airport will read this message.
I'm flying in to jfk from Johannesburg South Africa at 6:40 am on November 30th. Can I make it through customs and change terminals if needed to catch a delta fight to Columbus Ohio at 9:10?
That's barely enough time if everything goes perfectly.
How do I find out which terminal the delta 9:10 flight leaves from on November 30th. I assume South African Airlines will arrive at terminal 4. Trying to see if I even have to change terminals at all.
Hi Guys,
I am flying in at JFK terminal 4, I have a small child (10months) and was wondering if you are traveling with young children if there is a fast queue or special lane for immigration?
Thank you for your help
No, there is not.
our flight arrives at 4pm Friday at terminal 8 (Qatar). our daughter will meet us at the airport. after the baggage claim, is there only one exit to the arrival fall? can you please suggest a good meeting place just after getting to the arrival hall - a coffee shop perhaps - where we can have our daughter meet us. appreciate a reply soon, leaving this thursday. thanks
Yes, Terminal 8 only has one exit from US Customs.
Hello, I arrived at JFK from FCO today. Flight was unboarded 4:30pm. I have a connection at 6:15pm to Dallas. Is passport control and my connection in the same terminal?
Yes, the 6:15 PM Delta flight to DFW also departs from Terminal 4.
Can anybody tell me is there a Baggage storage faclity in terminal 5 as we a 1 day in new york so dont want to bring all baggage to hotel for 1 night
There is no facility in Terminal 5. There is a company that will pick up your bags from any terminal and deliver them to you or there is a facility in Terminal 4.
my wife is returning from aruba on jet blue. where do i meet her?
Your wife will pre-clear US Immigration and customs in Aruba. her arrival will be like a JetBlue domestic flight into Terminal 5 at JFK.