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hello, how do i move from T 4 to get a bus to Manhattan (going to Washington) but would want to drop a luggage for a friend at the car park. flight is tommorrow.

secondly, can i get to buy greyhounds ticket to Washington anytime? i don't want to buy now considering the number of hours one will normally spend at CBP, Security etc.
thank you
You take the AirTrain to the LIRR to Manhattan and then walk to the port authority bus terminal. Yes, you can buy a bus ticket at the port authority.
You could also take the Amtrak Train from Penn Station to Washington instead of a bus.
I will be flying domestic on Delta Saturday evening. How much time do I need to allow between arrival time and getting to the gate?
I would get to the airport 2 hours before your flight.
Is there wifi access at Terminal 4 arrivals
I am a US citizen flying into JFK at 6:42 from St. Lucia and a 9:50 flight at LGA. Will I make it and what is the best transport?
That should be enough time. The best method of transport is a car service or a taxi.
A friend of mine and I are arriving within two hours of one another from different flights and arriving at different terminals. He arrives first(international). Is it possible for him to come and meet me at my terminal(domestic) so that we can take cab into city together? I'll be checking in my bags.
I forgot to mention I'm arriving at terminal 5.
Yes, he could take the AirTrain to Terminal 5 and meet you at the Terminal 5 baggage claim.
Thank you! That's what I thought, but wasn't sure he would be allowed to.
Our son is arriving at 8:40pm flight from Israel. We are picking him up at the airport. About how much time do you think it will take for him to claim his bag and go through customs?
He'll probably be out at about 9:20-9:30 if his flight is on-time.
Many thanks for your quick response.
I will be flying Delta from Scotland to JFK and then flying American Airlines from JFK to RDU. Their is only 1 hr and 40 min between flights. Will I have enough time to get through customs and check my back in with American?
With checked bags that is completely impossible. Without checked bags you might barely have enough time if everything goes perfectly.
Hi, I'll be entering the US for the first time and am touching down at JFK at 10pm at night. I've read articles not to get SIM Cards from the airport because they are "rip offs". My question is, are any stores like T-mobile open that late at night that I can go purchase SIM Cards from?
Usually not. Some convenience stores that are open 24 hours would have SIM cards (especially in New York). Many large stores like Walmart and Target are open very late, but they don't have them in New York. You will probably have to wait until the morning.
I am on a student visa from India and my flight lands at JFK at 20:45. My final destination is Albany NY (which I will reach by Bus). Can I spend the night at the airport and leave the next morning?
Yes, the best place is the arrivals level of Terminal 4.
Will I be allowed to go to the arrivals level?
Yes, there are public spaces at the exit of immigration and the domestic baggage claim.
Hiya, will be travelling from Ireland and have a pet making the journey. Our bags will be checked straight through to our final destination but I'm unsure if I have enough time to collect the pet from baggage and then get back to the gate. The pet is travelling domestically in the cabin for the remainder of our trip. Is 1:15 enough to get from terminal 5 to baggage claim and get back to terminal 5 for our departing flight? Will not need to clear immigration or customs. Thanks.
Anyone? Appreciate the help.