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What is the easiest way to get from jfk to grand central? My 19 year old daughter is traveling alone so I want to make it easy.
Take the AIrTrain to the LIRR to NY Penn Station and then walk to Grand Central.
Hi, I arrive into JFK from an international flight at 11am, and am wondering how long it takes to get bags and get out? As I am asking someone to collect me there after my flight?
I purchased the air train ticket(10times ticket) on bending machine in JFK terminal station.but it was wrong one, I misunderstood "Airtrain ticket"is not going to Manhattan. So I wanted to refund it but Airtrain agent gave me only the "Envelope"
(I guess this envelope is able to return the money for something wrong about bending machines.)

Is it only way to refund tickets? I live in JPN and stay here till 29JUL.

Does anyone know more better way please let me know ,
Also I purchased the ticket by cash. Do they can bring me money by Airmail?? I do not think so...
thank you.
You're out of luck.
please how do we get from terminal 5 to 8,arriving tomorro
You take the AirTrain. It connects all terminals outside security.
I will be arriving jfk from Istanbul on Turkish airlines on Monday by 5:30 pm. I will thereafter be connecting a United airline flight by 7:25 at LaGuardia airport. Would I be able to get there in good time I have a checked baggage.
You have pretty much no chance of making that connection. You won't be out of customs until like 6:30 and it's at least a half hour to LaGuardia, meaning you'd miss the bag check cutoff.
Hi, We're flying from Hawaii to LAX to JFK back home to LHR.
The connection in JFK is only 45mins long. Do we have to pick up bags and go through customs etc? if not the arrival terminal and departure terminal are the same so we should have a tight stop?
There is no US Customs when leaving the US. All you have to do is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate. It is possible if the flight from LAX is on-time.
I arrive in JFY T4 at 14.03 and need to get a second flight from T1 (Aeroflot) at 15.25. I only have hand luggage. Will that be enough time to get across terminals and re do security at T1?
Is Uber available at JFK on Christmas Day and what is cost to go to midtown Manhattan?

I am coming from an airport hotel and need to figure out which shuttle to catch. What time should I arrive at terminal one tomorrow?
I would plan to arrive there by at least 6:30 AM.
Hi I will be traveling this saturday, and I will need to collect my luggage
at terminal 4, and check it for the next flight at terminal 7, how do I go from one terminal to the other one??

The AirTrain connects the terminals outside security.