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Tips and ideas on how to best spend a layover at New York Kennedy airport. Got a favorite quiet place to connect to wifi? A great bar or restaurant? Maybe an exhibit or a walk? Share your JFK Airport layover experiences with others, or post a question and get notified when there is a response.

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Hello. I will be leaving from terminal 8. My lounge members card permit me to enter lounges located at terminal 5, 4 or 1. I will be holding a T8 boarding pass . Is it permited to visit other terminals lounges after security? thank you
No, Terminal 8 is not connected to any other terminals inside security.
Thank You!
We are landing at JFK at 6am and our flight doesn't depart until after 10pm is there somewhere that we can sleep?
Not really. You could try to sleep on the floor. When you arrive, you could call nearby hotels and tell them your situation and see if they have rooms available immediately. There are not currently any hotels on airport property.
In early Augus on a Thursday, we will be landing on SQ26 at 11.15am. Next flight to Montreal can either be DL4006 at 3pm or DL4016 at 9pm. We have checked baggage and are non-US citizen.

Would there be enough time for us to transit for the 3pm flight?

What would be the minimum transit time for such a connection?

Would clearing custom take a Long time during this period?
2 different reservation
The 3 PM flight should be enough time. I recommend 3 hours for connections like this, and that's a bit more.
Thanks for the reply. During this period, generally speaking, would custom take a long time to clear?
August is a peak travel season.
81/2 hrs between arrival and departure times noon arrival Suggestions for any diversion to help pass the time?
Landing at JFK 7:15am with Delta (terminal 2) and getting on the flight at 8am JetBlue (Terminal 5) on Tuesday morning. Is it enough time for layover? What is the fastest way to make it to this flight at 8am? Please help!
coming from PDX to JFK and on to Athens we have 2 hour lay over is it enough?
I will be arriving early morning from a Jet Blue red eye flight from Sacramento to get a connection to the cruise port. Check in for cruise is not until 1pm. I would like to spend a few hours in the lounge but what happens to my bag in baggage claim since there will be a delay in picking it up?

I am taking a flight from Abudhabi to Jfk arriving at 9:45 am and have another flight from Jfk to toronto departing at 11:50
I understand that there is preclearance in Abudhabi so would i have enough time to transfer? Arrive in terminal 4 and depart from 1
No flights to Toronto depart from Terminal 1. What airline are you flying to Toronto? Are both flights on the same reservation?
Flight to toronto is on Delta, the booking says t1 but there on seperate reservations
I'm arriving at LGA from Toronto on July 1st at 9:35, and flying to DGA at 2:29. Do I have time to leave the airport and do some sightseeing?
we are flying a domestic airline into JFK. We have a 8 hr. layover between landing at JFK and flying Icelandic air to Iceland. We have no special lounge memberships. Is there a lounge that we can use for the layover?