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My brother 13 years old is coming from Miami to JFK and after to Moscow. He have to wait 5 hours between next flight. And his school is charging unreal money - 250$.
Could somebody meet him when he will arrive to JFK and somebody who will bring him to the terminal when he will fly to Moscow?
Are there any Bank of America ATM in JFK AT terminal 5 ?
is there any bank of america atm in terminal 8 ?
Are there any seating areas in JFK Terminal 7 after Security?
I would like to call the Guess Store at JFK, can you please give me a contact number
I know has been closed some months ago for renovation. IS it reopen ? Or Emirates allow you to use some other facilities ?
It has not reopened yet. Emirates will give you a restaurant voucher when you check in.
Are there printing services anywhere in JFK Airport?
We have a 7:15 AM flight, out of terminal 8, on 5/22. Is there any early morning food service allowing us to have breakfast before boarding.
The fast food places like McDonalds will probably open between 5 and 6. So you should have a chance to get something.
Hello, I am flying from Germany to DC, where there is no Chase Bank.
I needed to deposit a little cash on my card for use in the US.
Do the ATMs in Terminal 5 allow for cash deposit?
Hi folks.
I was wondering if the Cashpoints charged a fee when used to withdraw money st JFK or if they are "free".
Thanks in advance.
Virtually all ATM's in the US charge a fee except to members of the bank for bank-owned ATM's.