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We're scheduled on Air France from RALEIGH DURHAM at NY (JOHN F KENNEDY INTL), TERMINAL 4 arriving at 14:52 and then to depart from JFK TERMINAL 1at 16:20 also on Air France (showing last check-in at 15:20). Is that enough time for the transfer...and do we need to do security again, assuming RDU checks baggage through?
You will already be checked in for both flights by Delta in RDU. All you have to do in JFK is take the AirTrain from Terminal 4 to Terminal 1 then go through security. You should have enough time.
Many thanks ZAP! The RDU-JFK leg is now showing as Endeavor Air, but with AF flight No. And for the sake of completeness, one traveller is UK national...Will that make any difference?
Hi. My son is travelling LHR TO PDX via JFK on a through ticket with Delta. He has a speech problem and finds it difficult to ask for help so am trying to make it as stress free as possible for him. I believe the flight arrives and leaves from terminal 4 but have read some horror stories about no Delta staff on hand to help and people missing the baggage drop off? Can anyone tell me how difficult it is? where the bag drop actually is? Thanks
Hi...I understand that I have to transfer between terminals from my domestic flight (ROC to JFK arrive at T5) in order to make my connection for (JFK to BEG leave at T4) using AirTran but for someone traveling with lots of luggage is SkyCap/Porter or other service available to help with that transfer (whom to contact)?
There is no such service when going between terminals.
i have no checked luggage. arrive terminal 4 Alitalia no 4 at 6pm. have to connect to Jret Blu for Boston at 8pm. can I make it?
With no checked bags that's just enough time. Check in online for your JetBlue flight before leaving Italy.
I arrive Alitalia at 6 pm. have a connection to Boston JET BLU AT 8 PM. CAN I MAKE IT?
With checked baggage that will be very difficult.
Single ticket: Denver to Dubai, JetBlue to Emirates connection at JFK i.e. T5 to T4. What is the best way to transfer T5 to T4 ?
Thank you.
The only way to transfer is via the AirTrain. You will have to go through security again in Terminal 4.
Thank You very much.
Flying to JFK from PDX on 2/22. I have 40 minutes to connect to Buffalo; is the gate close by?
Your question can't be answered because you didn't even post what airline you are flying.
My international flight is arriving at B28 where I’ll have to clear customs. My connecting flight is 3 hours later at gate B47.

Am I going to need to go through security again / recheck my bags? Is 3 hours enough, even if I get the big X on my picture from the kiosk?
Yes, you have to do all that. Yes, you should have enough time.
Is 2.5 hours enough time to connect from BA international terminal 7 to AA domestic terminal 8. These are separate tickets.
It's just enough time if everything goes smoothly.
DELTA airlines. Domestic Travel. From Atlanta connecting JFK to Pittsburgh. Is 45 minutes a long enough layover?
Yes, that is enough time but leaves little time to spare if the flight from Atlanta is delayed.
Thank you, ZAP