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Hi: We are flying into JFK from KEF to DTW on a Friday on Delta. Is 2 hours 20 mins transit enough time at JFK? We have never been to JFK airport and have heard that it is a huge airport so we are concern about switching between terminals. Thank you for any information you can provide.
Yes, that should be enough time if everything goes smoothly. Most Delta flights from JFK to Detroit depart from Terminal 4, which is the same terminal where you arrive. The two terminals Delta uses are right next to each other.
We are connecting from JetBlue, terminal 5, to LATAM, terminal 8 on a single ticket. Will we have to go through security at terminal 8 or is there a secure way to travel from 5 to 8?
Yes, you will have to go through security again in Terminal 8.
If our first flight is on time we will have 2 hours and 12 minutes before the next flight leaves. Will it be best to check our bags through or carry-on? What else can we do to optimize our chances of making the connection?
It doesn't matter whether you check bags or not. You won't have to do anything with them in JFK on the way to South America.
also street address
Emirates uses Terminal 4. The Street address is meaningless, any app should recognize JFK Terminal 4 as a location
where does one go to get the tram in terminal 2 once your down in baggage and need to go to another terminal? I was told the tram station in terminal 2 is outside ,is that correct?
Yes, it's located across the roadway via a covered (but outdoor) pedestrian bridge. It's well marked.
I fly into terminal 2 arriving at 11:48am on a Monday and depart JFK terminal 5 about an hour later. Is it an easy connection or will it be a nightmare given the day and dysfunction of that airport?
You have close to zero chance of making that connection.
I fly from vegas to jfk (terminal4) with delta to connect with manchester flight with virgin atlanta.(also terminal4)
Only 45 mins in between because delta changed flight time.Can this be done.What is the procedure with luggage and security .what signs do we follow please
All you have to do is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate. You have just enough time if the first flight is on-time.
Thank you.what signs do we follow ?
Just look up your departing flight on the monitors and follow signs to that gate.
Flying from las vegas into jfk terminal 4 then connecting with a flight to manchester also terminal 4.will 45 mins be enough time.also do you have to collect baggage and go through security or immigration please help as have not connected be fore and am very worried.this is due to a flight time being changed by airline
What airlines are you flying? There is no US Immigration when leaving the US.
Thankyou.Flying with virgin Atlanta and delta booked through virgin atlanta
I have a flight from Cleveland to JFK (American airlines). It arrives in terminal 8. Then I fly with Qatar airways to Doha from terminal 8. The airline has confirmed that I can collect my luggage at my final destination. I purchased it all as a single ticket. Do I have to go through security again ?
No, you do not have to go through security again. Just go from your arrival gate to your departure gate.
what's the best way to get from Terminal 2 (gate 62) to Terminal 1 (?) AZ609/DL1040 ?
Will I need to go thru Security again ?
You take the All Terminals Train/AirTrain. Yes, you have to go through security again.
I am flying to jfk from buffalo, on jet Blue and then from jfk to London on British airways. 1) Do I need to collect my bags from jet Blue terminal or is there away to connect them? They are separate tickets. 2) What is the best/easiest/fastest way to go from terminal 5 to 7.
You have to claim your bags from JetBlue in T5, take them on the AirTrain to T7, re-check them with British Airways, and go through security.
How many hours (minimum) should be allowed for similar connections?
How many hours (minimum) should be allowed for similar connections?
How many hours (minimum) should be allowed for similar connections?
Bare minimum of 2 hours, I'd prefer 3.
And what if both flights are on one ticket?
In that case as little as 1-2 hours would be fine.