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I'll be arriving on Delta to Term 2 or 4 (not sure yet) from Atlanta at 12:41. My next flight is on Aeroflot from Term 1 at 2.25pm (1hr 44min layover). Would I have enough time to make this connection? Thanks
You have just enough time. You will have to take the AirTrain to Terminal 1 and go through security.
I am flying Delta, Business class, from JFK to Milan. Doe the flight depart terminal 2 or number 4?
You will depart from Terminal 4.
I'm planning a flight , I shall arrive to JFK terminal 8 at 4:58 PM , and my next flight if from Terminal 4 at 6:30 PM , is that doable or take the same flight on the next day and spend the night in NY >
Where are you flying into JFK from and flying out to? What airlines are you on?
My Arrival flight is at Level1 Terminal 4 (Sun) and Departure is from Level 3 Terminal 4 .. Do i need to do security again At JFK ?
I am flying from MSP to Dubai changing at JFK as above
What Airline are you flying to JFK? Are your tickets on two separate reservations? Do you have checked bags?
SY247- MSP- JFK-- Sun County
Ticket on Same reservation and yes I have check in Luggage
SY247- MSP- JFK-- Sun County EK206-JFK-DXB Ticket on Same reservation and yes I have check in Luggage
Then all you have to do in JFK is walk from your arrival gate to your departure gate.
Hi, if anybody can help, I have a flight from Europe arriving at T4 at 11.30 and then I have a connection to the Bahamas on T5 at 13.59. Is this enough time, as I don't know if I'll have to claim the luggage. Thanks in advance.
That will be really difficult. You will have to claim your baggage to take it through US Customs. Are your tickets on the same reservation or two separate reservations?
yes, my tickets are on the same reservation.
I am flying into JFK on Delta in terminal 4and Flying to Paris using Air France out of terminal 1 will I need to clear security again and, if so will 2 hours be enough time to clear it?
Yes, you will have to go through security again in T1. Yes, you should have enough time if the flight from Columbus is on-time.
Hi. We will be flying in December from Toronto-JFK-Amsterdam-Norway (one ticket). We were wondering if we have to claim our luggage in JFK or do we just have to from arrival gate to departure gate? Thanks in advance
You do not have to claim your bags in JFK. You will pre-clear US Immigration and Customs in Toronto.
We are traveling Delta from Zurich with a one hour 39 minute layover to go through customs, security, and get to the gate for our Delta connecting flight to Nashville. We plan to have carry-on luggage only. Is this possible?
It's possible but it leaves no time to spare for delays.
hi if anybody can help i am flying from manchester england with thomas cook and then on to miami with american airlines i have a 3 hour gap between flights will this be ok as i presume i will have to go throgh customs etc and pick up bags and then check in for my flight to miami any advice would be helpful ps never been to jfk before thanks
Yes, you will have to do that. You will have to take your bags on the AirTrain from your arrival Terminal to Terminal 8 to re-check them with American. You have just enough time if everything goes smoothly.
So I am flying from Kenya via Paris (american airlines). We land at 1pm. I am booking a separate reservation to get to Toronto (Delta). They have a flight at 4pm. Does this seem reasonable?
Yes, that should be enough time if everything goes smoothly.