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I'am taking a flight on 2-19-19. I would like to find out about rides to terminals. I have been long winded and do not think I can make the distance walk.Do you have shuttle rides? Or wheel chair assistance? Thank You Diane Cummings
There is wheel chair assistance at JFK Airport and there is also the "Air Train" that will get you from one terminal to the next. What i do not know for sure is if the wheel chair assistants are allowed to take you from one terminal to the next. Next time call the airline ahead of time to make the necessary arrangements to get you from one terminal to the next.
on Jan 22nd I have to meet a flight from DFW Texas to JFK and I have never ever been there. I would like to know where I should park and what terminal I need to get to for this flight landing at 5:15. Thank you for your time
Lynda Spurr
in what terminal is gate c63
I am travelling to Rome on two separate tickets both with Delta. Atlanta to JFK and then JFK to Rome. How much time do I need to allow to make the connection at JFK for the JFK to Rome flight? I assume upon arrival I will have to get my bags, change terminals and go thru security a second time.
I will be flying from Nice, France to JFK then on to Phoenix, AZ on a Thursday afternoon. All flights are booked on the same ticket through Delta. We land at 3:12 PM in JFK and leave at 4:59 PM to Phoenix. 1) Do we need to get our bags to go through customs/immigration and 2) is this going to be enough time?
YES, you must collect your luggage and clear US Customs at JFK Airport. When you exit the Customs area you drop off your bags at the Delta "recheck" area - just outside the Customs area and go upstairs to departure level to your gate. You also have to go back thru TSA Security.

Anytime you land in the USA, from a foreign country, and are connecting to another destination, you always clear US Customs at the first airport of arrival.

Your bags will be tagged to your final destination in the USA, just FYI...

The 1 hr 45 min connection time should be just enough time as long as the your flight arrives on time.
I currently have a flight from Milan to arrive on a Wednesday in Jan into JFK. I will not have to pick up lougage. The flight is to arrive at 4:01pm via AirItaly and my connection flight I am looking for would be leaving at 6:05pm via AA. The next flight isn’t until the next morning. Will this be enough time?
I'm flying into JFK on a domestic flight arriving at 730PM. I'm due to catch an international flight at 1130PM. Will I have enough time to pick up bags and get checked in, for the international flight?
I arrive at JFK around 7 PM on 7/4 from Armenia (thru Paris). I will have a checked bag and only a bottle of wine and a few knick-knacks to declare. I am a US citizen. Any clue how long it will probably take?
My flight arrives at 4:05pm Virgin Atlantic from London departing Delta to Chicago at 7:35pm going thru customs, picking up baggage and checking it in at delta. Will I have time? This will be on a Wednesday
Yes, that should be enough time.
i am flying from LAx to JFK arriving terminal 7 british air run by AA, not sure if I need to collect bags, I am wondering if I have enough time 2 hours to catch a BA international flight in terminal 8
You have the terminals reversed. You arrive in Terminal 8 and depart from Terminal 7. You have enough time if everything goes smoothly. If both flights are on the same reservation you don't have to do anything with your bags in JFK on the way to London.