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I'm flying into JFK on a domestic flight arriving at 730PM. I'm due to catch an international flight at 1130PM. Will I have enough time to pick up bags and get checked in, for the international flight?
I arrive at JFK around 7 PM on 7/4 from Armenia (thru Paris). I will have a checked bag and only a bottle of wine and a few knick-knacks to declare. I am a US citizen. Any clue how long it will probably take?
My flight arrives at 4:05pm Virgin Atlantic from London departing Delta to Chicago at 7:35pm going thru customs, picking up baggage and checking it in at delta. Will I have time? This will be on a Wednesday
Yes, that should be enough time.
i am flying from LAx to JFK arriving terminal 7 british air run by AA, not sure if I need to collect bags, I am wondering if I have enough time 2 hours to catch a BA international flight in terminal 8
You have the terminals reversed. You arrive in Terminal 8 and depart from Terminal 7. You have enough time if everything goes smoothly. If both flights are on the same reservation you don't have to do anything with your bags in JFK on the way to London.
My daughter will be returning to the US on a flight from Brussels to JFK. She will check her bag. How much time do we need to leave before she can get a flight back to the west coast?
If it's two separate reservations, at least 3 hours.
There are six of us arriving from Milan on Emirates due to arrive at 7:00p. We need to make a flight home to CLE on American at 9:00p. Is that enough time to clear customs and make the flight?
Realistically, that's not enough time.
My wife and daughter are flying in to JFK today from Amsterdam on KLM. The flight is scheduled to arrive at 4:30pm and seems to be on time. How long will it take for them to actually get through customs and immigration? I'm trying to gauge what time i should actually get there.
I'll be coming in from Barcelona Spain to JFK and have a connection to NC but only have 2 hrs and would need to change terminals. No checked bags (only carryon)... Is that enough time to clear customs/immigration? And do we need to go back through TSA screening again? Thanks
With no checked bags that should be enough time. Yes, you have to go through security again. What airlines are you flying?
My BA flight to London on Sunday morning has been cancelled because of "airport restrictions" which would make the airline not responsible. Is anyone aware of issues at JFK that would be responsible?
Looking for a guesstimate how long it will take to clear customs at midnight on a Saturday. Need to be at Newark at 8 am Sunday morning -- wondering if it's even worth it to get a hotel....
It should take 30 minutes or less as long as everything goes smoothly.