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We are arriving at JFK on domestic American in terminal 8 and are departing for Germany from Terminal 4 on Singapore airlines.
Will I need to go out for counter check in, scan passport, anything else forced the Singapore? There is no Singapore counter from our domestic departure. Or if I can get a mobile boarding pass from Singapore, can we go straight to Terminal 4 for departure?
I'm flying from Manchester, UK to JFK then to Toronto Pearson. It was booked in one go with American air. Will I need to go through immigration/security upon arrival at JFK? There is only a 2h 20min layover. Can I follow signs for 'connecting flights' or similar? And will this allow me to notnhave to go through long queues?

I will only have carry on luggage.
Yes, in JFK you will have to go through US Immigration, claim your bags, go through US Customs, re-check your bags at the re-check desk, and go through security. You have to go through the same lines as everyone else. You have just enough time if everything goes smoothly.
I am flying from ATL, on Delta, to Venice, Italy. I have a connecting flight at JFK. I have a 3:30 min layover. Once I land at JFK do I have to go through sec again? I thought once I checked in at origin I was good to destination. Just checking
All you have to do on the way to Venice is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate.
My father broke his ankle and cannot use one of his feet. We will arrive on JFK but need to get on a connecting flight to DC. How do we get disabled assistance? Do we need to order in advance?
Yes, he should order it in advance by calling his airline.
I am flying from FLL with delta to JFK and on ward with virgin to UK . Will I have the connecting flights within terminal 4 or travel from a different terminal to 4 to make the virgin flight.
You will likely arrive in Terminal 2. Delta runs a shuttle from Terminal 2 to Terminal 4 inside security.
Thank you os much for your help.
My Mother needs wheelchair assistance. She is arriving American Airline Terminal 8 and needs to connect to a Delta Flight in Terminal 4 (within 2 hours). Does the airport help seniors in wheelchair to transfer? Does she need to take the AirTrans and recheck through TSA Security??
Hi, I am arriving from LAX to JFK in terminal 4 at 2:41pm, and my next flight is at 4:15pm in terminal 1 (Alitalia) to FCO (italy) -- first, I know i can use the All terminals airtrain track at jfk, but does this mean i have to go through TSA again or am i "still inside the airport"? -- also, is this generally enough time to get from term4 to term1 ? thank you!!
Yes, you have to go through security again in Terminal 1.
thanks! also, do you think 1.25 hr will be enough time to get from flight to flight? is TSA usually more busy around 3pm on a tuesday?
How long does it take to get through security coming from the UK and leaving for the UK, its my first time arriving and leaving from this airport?

What do you mean? You're connecting from the UK at JFK to a different connection in the UK or are you talking about two separate trips. When you arrive, you will go through US Immigration, claim your bags, and go through US Customs. That takes 30-60 minutes. When you depart, you will go through security, which takes 5-30 minutes.
Sorry, what i mean is, i am staying in New York coming from the Manchester UK to JFK then leaving 5 days later to go back to Manchester UK from JFK.
How far from the drop off is the wheelchair access? a 90 year old women will be dropped off at the curb by a driving company. How does she get to the wheelchair ordered from the airline- Virgin Atlantic
When the driver pulls up they will signal for the wheelchair.
My flight got delayed in Milan and I am wondering what is the latest we will be able to get into jfk before customs closes?
Customs doesn't close.