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How many days can I park in the terminal parking lot.
How much? 8 day parking for my 2004 Ranger?
Is it possible to park in onsite OGG
Parking for 1 full day . We Would park
Around 545 am and be back by 7 pm.
What is cost ? Thank you
Aloha, how much would it cost to park vehicle for 3 days?
Hello I’m taking a trip to Oahu the May 18th to the 22nd . How much would it coast to park my car at the airport for a few days ?
Have to make a trip to Oahu and will be gone all day. Where is the best place to park at OGG? Is there a long term lot?
We are going to Vegas for a few days and want to park our car at the airport is their ample parking?
Who do we inquire with for parking for working hours only? Do they have a set rate for the month to park in the Kahului’s Airport Parking lot??
How do I pay in advance for 2 weeks parking?
Is there a special long term lot? How much? How do we pay?