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Is it possible to park in onsite OGG
Parking for 1 full day . We Would park
Around 545 am and be back by 7 pm.
What is cost ? Thank you
Aloha, how much would it cost to park vehicle for 3 days?
Hello I’m taking a trip to Oahu the May 18th to the 22nd . How much would it coast to park my car at the airport for a few days ?
Have to make a trip to Oahu and will be gone all day. Where is the best place to park at OGG? Is there a long term lot?
We are going to Vegas for a few days and want to park our car at the airport is their ample parking?
Who do we inquire with for parking for working hours only? Do they have a set rate for the month to park in the Kahului’s Airport Parking lot??
How do I pay in advance for 2 weeks parking?
Is there a special long term lot? How much? How do we pay?
Hi, we have booked to go from Kahului to Kona on Wednesday for 3 days with Mokulele airlines. What is the best option for parking and what would be the cost. Thanks
We need to leave our rental car at ogg for an overnight trip to Molokai in November. We will leave it at 9 am and com back the next night at 9 PM. We are wonder what to expect in charges and where the parking is in proximity of Mokulele Airlines.