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Boulevard is the worst airport restaurant I've come across in the US. Dirty kitchen, rotten cole slaw, cheap food. They gave me a measly $2 discount for my trouble!
Horrible seating host today. Seated parties of two or more first, regardless of who arrived first, and refused allow a person traveling alone to sit anywhere other than the bar
I left my iPhone in CNBC gate C 63 After security. Please email me at [email protected] iPhone lost with Pink Cover. Phone was lost today, July 5, 2014 Please help me.
Try first MCI's Lost & Found at 816-243-5237; Since you lost it at gate area, you may also try to contact your airline if MCI didn't find it.
I don't really know where to begin. My husband and I stopped in to eat between flights. I ordered their chili and my husband ordered their warm salmon salad. The waitress began by telling us they were out of their only soup on the menu and their corn muffins which come with almost every meal. When the meal was delivered the chili was edible, but had cheez-whiz all on the top. My husbands WARM salmon salad came to the table freezing cold. When we asked the waitress about this she said we serve it cold. Your kidding, right? A salad that is advertised as being served WARM you actually serve COLD? When she brought it back to the kitchen we actually heard the chef say, I didn't even know it said warm on the menu. What ever happened to training your employees. I would highly recommend not eating there. They are disorganized and the food quality is horrible.
You can be sure to get terrible service and rude wait staff, who don't seem to care for the traveler's business at the Mexican restaurant in Terminal B. Don't waste your time.
I'm wondering why all restaurants and shops at the airport close early? MCI is not promoting much for tourism and closing all shops at 9 does not help, no wonder why this airport is lacking behind.
Mexican restaurant in Terminal B