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MCI Gate Connections DISCUSSION

What terminal does Miami Air fly out of?
Is there shuttle service from Terminal C to Terminal B at 10 PM
On September 21st I'm flying into MCI on American and about 2.5 hours later am flying out on Southwest. I expect to have one checked bag. Will I have time to claim, recheck my bag, go back through security and get to the Southwest flight easily in that time frame? Any suggestions for me?
On July 25th we fly on SW3434 from Orlando and have to connect to SW1017 to ABQ - only 35 minutes. Can we make the connection?
Same airline.... That's on them. If they booked it that way, they will often hold the flight, or put you on the next one at no charge. That said, the doors generally close at least 10 minutes before departure.
I arrive on UA4181 Express jet at 5:17 PM. and have to fly out of Kansas on Flight UA1243 at 5:47 on a Boeing 737. Only a 30 minute connection. Do you think this is enough time at this airport to make this connection.
Both arrivals & departures of United are in Concourse C (C gates). You have enough time.
Quick and convienent. Steps from passenger pickup by car, shuttle, taxi and now they doing $ 500,000 study to change it ...do not ruin this airport.
Greatly setup... Favorite airport by far.
where are the rental car booths?
The Rental Car Facility is located on 1 Nassau Circle and has currently 10 rental car agencies. All rental car companies share a gray rental car shuttle that stops at marked shelters at terminal medians.
where does one find the airport ADDRESS?
Address: 1 International Circle, Kansas City, MO, 64153; see: http://www.ifly.com/kansas-city-international-airport
The passenger terminal at MCI provides for arriving passengers to exit quickly.
One can ride the Red Bus from one terminal to the other. it's that simple