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Lost my phone in terminal B baggage claime in the wee hours of 3/14/13. Would love to have it back.
Try to call the Airport's Lost & Found at 816-243-5237.
I lost my iPhone on the Blue bus after deplaning from Delta at 11:30 on Saturday, March 9. The screen saver has a slight blue tint to it
If you find it, would you please call 816.792.3055 or email [email protected]
I forgot my black iPad 2 in black leather case, password protected on the United Flight 4453 from Chicago IL to Kansas City, MO, following on to Columbus, OH on Feb 14, 2013. If anyone finds, please call 267.241.8323. Thank you!
You need to contact United.
Lost an Acer A100 7" Tablet-black in soft case with ear buds and boarding passes in zippered side pocket. Please contact me if found.
At MCI: 1. If you lost an item in the gate area or onboard your airplane, contact your airline.
2. If you lost an item inside the Airport call Lost & Found at 816-243-5237
Oct.28th, lost a pair of pink louis vuitton glasses with a big brown case.
October 9th, 2012. Left a kindle fire on a table after going through security at the us airways flight 455 gate that left @ 6:00a.m.. Please help.
Gate areas are the airline domain - contact your airline.
Lost a Blue/Gret North Face Jacket on arrival via Southwest Airlines in Terminal B on 9/27 in the evening. Please let me know if it has been found or turned in.
Contact your airline.
Lost - October 5, 2012- left in parking lot of southewest airlines extended parking- reward. contact Tom if you have-
Tom's email is [email protected]
You may also want to contact MCI parking at 816-243-5870.
I may have left this on a chair around 5pm outside Delta security, or possibly inside. $100 reward. If you find it, I will send you a UPS Box with another pre-paid UPS box inside, and all you have to do, is put the Day Timer inside. We can work out a payment method, bank check, etc.
Lost my Cannon Powershot camera, silver, on Flight from Chicago to KC on Sunday, July 22, flight 363, American Airlines. Pictures on camera are of Shanghai at night.
Contact AA's lost & Found department.