Kitakyushu Airport ( KKJ ) Public Transportation

Getting from Kitakyushu Airport to your destination: Bus stops are located to the left of the terminal exit doors for the following routes :
- Kokura to Sunatsu: (Express with 3 stops only, and regular bus service) ;
- Kurosaki-Orio-Hibikono-Line with final stop at Gakken Hibkino
- Kusami Station Line with 7 stops to Kusami Station, which  is the nearest train station; the train departs every half hour, 6am-10:30pm.
- Kanda Station Line - one stop after Airport.

For more bus information call either:
   Nishitetsu Bus Kitakyushu at 093-551-118, or
   Sanden Kotsu at 0832-31-7133; or
   Kikyushu Shi Kotsu Kyoku at 093-771-2765.

To view the bus & train routes open  / ....access_train.html

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