Kitakyushu Bars, Cafes, Restaurants & Stores

Blue Sky

JAL group BLUE SKY is opened 96 shops in 25 airports has great variety of lines; such as souvenirs, goods, sake etc
Gate/Area: Second Floor
Phone: 093-474-3811

Buzen Kaido

I handle the special product of the Buzen area. Local agriculture marine products, the sale of various artefacts send the information such as guidebooks from the start.
Gate/Area: Second Floor
Phone: 093-471-1174

Cafe Rosen

We prepare good sellection of drinks, dishes, souvenirs.
Gate/Area: Second Floor
Phone: 093-475-7310


Gate/Area: Second Floor

Hiratsuka Mentaiko

Great for souvenir with excelent and fruity flavor.
Gate/Area: Second Floor
Phone: 093-475-0107


Wheat noodle, porcelain bowl and set menu are also available
Gate/Area: Third Floor
Phone: 093-472-2424


Kitakyusyu invites to the wide article up to a newspaper, a magazine to lunch, drink, Sara from high waiting on customers and a souvenir of the quality only in the department store.
Gate/Area: Second Floor
Phone: 093-475-0104


Dining Restaurant KAISAI has best atmosphere not only for business, also family and couples.
Gate/Area: Third Floor
Phone: 093-472-4733


Soft Drink
Gate/Area: First Floor
Phone: 093-471-0571

Sky Duty Free

Cigarette and Alcohol
Gate/Area: Second Floor
Phone: 093-471-8851


Wide variation of choice, chocolate, cheese, artemisa etc.
Gate/Area: Second Floor
Phone: 093-473-9759


Almost all staffs are women, Feel free to come and enjoy our Ramen.
Gate/Area: Third Floor
Phone: 093-474-1720