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Important Information

Online check-in & baggage payment

Online booking can be done 3 days, up to 11 months in advance. English-language website is limited to Visa & Master cards enrolled in verification program. For holders of e-tickets (and passport details) who travel to destinations without visa requirement, can use the web check-in service 4-24 hours prior to scheduled departure. Those who printed a boarding pass at home & had it validated at the Web Check-in Counter: (a) with no baggage to check in may proceed directly to the boarding gate after validation; (b) with baggage to check in must do so one hour before departure; (c) those holding exchange voucher or a printed Summary page, exchange for a boarding pass at the Check-in counter, at least one hour prior to departure, required.

Carry-on Baggage Rules & Fees

(a) Economy Class: 1 carry-on bag & 1 personal item (handbag, laptop computer, etc.) up to 12kg/25lb and 115cm/45in (55x40x20cm) each. (b) First & Prestige Class: 2 carry-on bags up to 18kg/40lb or a total of 115cm/45in (55x40x20cm) each

Checked Baggage Rules & Fees

Free baggage allowances stated below vary with itineraries, seating classes, and Skypass membership grades. Do confirm the free allowance pertaining to your departure.


  • Destination To/from South & North America
  • Linear dimensions/weight 158cm/62in and 23kg/50lb (applying to travel between the USA, Canada, US Territories & Philippines)
  • Regular size & weight fees First 2 bags free, total linear dimensions not to exceed 273cm/107in. Exception: To/fr. Brazil: first to bags free up to 32kg/70lb per bag, both bags not to exceed 273cm/107in.
  • Overweight fees 1. Bags 3 and up will be chaged applicable excess fee. 2. Economy class: If first 2 free bags exceed 23kg, the charge if departing from Korea is KRW 50,000, from the U.S. $50; from Canada C$60 - except to/fr. Brazil (charges for over 32kg/70lb & 273cm/107in)
  • Oversized fees
  • First class First class
  • Prestige class Prestige class
  • Destination To/from destinations outside of North & South America
  • Linear dimensions/weight Weight system applies
  • Regular size & weight fees Economy: up to 20kg/44lb free
  • Overweight fees 1.5 percent of adult one-way normal fare per 1kg/2lb each
  • Oversized fees
  • First Class First Class
  • Prestige Class Prestige Class
  • Destination Within Korea (domestic travel only)
  • Linear dimensions/weight Weight system applies
  • Regular size & weight fees Eonomy: up to 20kg/44lb free
  • Overweight fees 3 percent of adult one-way normal fare for each 1kg/2lb
  • Oversized fees
  • Presige Class Presige Class

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