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The ramp is closed for the departure area heading westbound on Grand Central Parkway...If heading west at Exit 6 heading for the departure area the Ramp is closed for departures...There is no signage anywhere telling you that it is closed...Does anyone no how to get up there maybe from another Exit
The departures level is just plain closed due to the construction. You're supposed to drop someone off at the off-site lot and then have them take a shuttle bus from there.
the Departure level at terminal B is not closed. You can get there from the eastbound grand central parkway if you go over the RFK bridge. You can’t get to the departure area if you get off at Exit 6 heading westbound on the Grand Central Parkway.
I need to print something for a meeting, is this an option at the Business Centers or anywhere else in the airport? Thank you
LGA is a very old airport. It doesn't have stuff like that.
I'm leaving tomorrow 8/31 flight # 3799, LGA to Charlotte
Please tell me the terminal. Thanks
I'm flying in & meeting someone at the airport. I'm landing at terminal B & they are landing in terminal C. We both have checked luggage so will have to go out of the security checkpoint. How can we meet up?
do you have services to shrink wrapp a cardboard box around 25'x25'. I have some extra stuff that does not fit in my luggage.I am travelling to toronto,canada
I was wondering since delta has delayed our flight for over 24 hours, do we get any free wifi? not just the 30 minutes one
How far of a walk is it from Concourse A to Concourse D
Thank you
Can I pick up a family member arriving at Terminal B, Spirit Airlines, curb side or is there a short term lot that I can park in? They are arriving Friday afternoon. If not, is there a place for them to walk to meet me?
which Delta Terminal is Flight 2933 leaving from on March 12 at 8:05 am to go to Fort Myers, FL?
Either C or D. It doesn't really matter as they are connected inside security by a walkway. Delta.com will also have it on the day of your flight. 2933 is a new flight that starts Thursday so there's no history to go by.
How do I go from terminal d to b
You can take a shuttle bus or it's a long walk. The roadways at LGA are a mess right now due to construction.