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Last time I flew into LGA you could not have a car pickup at Delta. Is that still the case?
Yes, that is still the case.
Bummer, thanks for your reply
My father is in a wheel chair and is coming into Terminal B. He would not be able to catch the Green bus. Can we have a Black car pick him up at the main terminal B?
I am flying from Buffalo to LGA and using Hertz rental car. Where is it in conjunction to the terminal that this flight will fly into? I am going to a meeting and will be short on time. Also does Hertz have message board (i.e. Newark) for Gold members?
Am arriving tonight at 8:15- are there still taxi's at the D Concourse of Terminal B? The car service I called said no- that everyone had to take the green shuttle bus to the arranged ride area- is this true?
I'm flying in to LGA on Spirit Airlines. I'm trying to get to the Bronx. Is there a transit besides cab or uber that will take you from the airport to bronx?
The M60 SBS bus connects to virtually every bus or Subway line that goes into the Bronx from Manhattan.
I'll arrive in Terminal D. Where do I meet the Uber drivers?
The app will tell you when you open it at the airport.
I am flying into terminal c and being picked up by a town car service. Do i have to go to terminal b and catch the shuttle to the car pickup lot or can i be picked up at terminal C
I flew from LGA last week on a 5:50PM flight and it took 1 hour 20 mins to get into airport from the freeway exit, through airport traffic to long-term parking lot and shuttle to terminal B. I have a 6:30AM Delta flight next Thurs, 5/31 and will have someone drop me off at the airport. Any idea how much time I need to allow for airport construction delays at that time of the morning? Thanks.
Luckily early morning is not nearly as bad.
Great. Thank you.
I have read that with the mess at LGA it is better to go to another terminal to get ground transportation into the city. I am planning to take Uber or Lyft---which terminal would it be best to go to from Terminal B to catch a ride share (I've read that the ride share lot they take you to for Terminal B is a mess). Also, is ride share a better choice into Manhattan or the bus to the subway?


Just try to take the bus to the subway is my recommendation. Everything involving Terminal B is just such a mess right now.
Last departure at LGA was in December '16 when the traffic pattern around the ongoing construction was outrageous. I have been led to believe that things have improved significantly. Leaving early this Friday and I'm still concerned. Have things improved or do I have to leave Manhattan (usually a 15 minute drive to LGA) 4 hours before my flight? Thanks in advance.
Things have improved but it's still messed up. Leave an hour earlier than you normally would. I've just started flying out of Newark until the construction is done.
Thanks. I can manage that.