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Does anyone know if the garage is built for Terminal C or is there still very very limited spaces? Also, will I have to carry my wheel chair to get to Delta check-in counter, or should I expect paved walkway by now? Just nervous since this trip going alone with a duffle bag. Thank you.
I will be meeting a passenger coming in from Atlanta on Delta Airlines (either Terminal C or D). Is there parking available near those terminals? if so, which lot should I try for?
We have a 10:30am AA flight Thursday 6/22, I have to drop my husband at terminal and park what are chances of finding handicap close by?
We're meeting travelers arriving late-night into La Guardia at Terminal B, after making a long trip ourselves to meet them, Where is the best place to park, so that we can also stretch our legs while waiting for them to collect bags and get through customs? Thanks!
It looks like the P5 lot outside of Terminal D generally has room. I'd like to park there and take an airport shuttle bus to Terminal B, which is where I board my United Flight. Does anyone know where I can pick up the red or blue line bus at the D Terminal to take me there? Thank you in advance!
The airport roadways are a mess right now. There will be signs for the shuttles though.
The only parking available at LGA is at Term A, but I am leaving out of Term D. What is best way to get from Term A to D?
It's now called the "Route Red Bus"
Is it true as of 9/1/2016 that the only parking available at LGA is Terminal A??
where is the best place to park for terminal b (united airlines) ? also, only going for two nights --- is that considered short term parking ?
Short term is less than a day. There is a garage right across from Terminal B but I believe it's under construction and very expensive.
thank you !
Where is the best place to park for Jet Blue - Terminal B?
Where are stretch limo parking spaces at Terminal D
which is the better level to reserve parking if you are going to southwest air