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How do K get from Terminal D to C
Is there a way to get from terminal D to B without leaving security ? Should I walk or take bus ? If bus where is it located ?
My husband has reserved a wheelchair at Delta for our 2 04 PM flight tomorrow. What is the best way to proceed by car service?
My husband and I have two different flights out of LaGuardia. He's flying American out of Terminal B and I'm flying JetBlue out of Terminal A. We're American Club members and I'd love to go to the American Club with him before our flights (mine leaves a few hours after his). Can I get into Terminal B if I'm not flying on American? And, if so, how long would it take to get from Terminal B to Terminal A to catch my flight?
Is there a way to get from C gates to A gates without leaving security? (All in terminal B) I'm going from United to Air Canada, but I see United is in both. I've got a 50 minute connection. I appreciate the help, thanks!
Can I get a taxi at Terminal D and then go pick up my friend at Terminal B at LGA with the current construction. We want to travel into manhattan together.
Are we better tip a car service?
I need to get from Terminal B (United) to Terminal D (Delta) - no time constraint - is there an airport tram or is it a bus shuttle between the terminals? And where do you catch it from baggage claim? Thank you.
How to get from delta terminals to baggage claim at terminal B - Metro bus stop
I am handicapped I am going to terminal B. My gate is D9G
I arrive at terminal B and want to meet my wife at terminal D, so we can both take a cab together. I do have a carry on luggage. Thank you for your help.
Most of our group are arriving at Terminal D and one person is arriving at Terminal B. With Terminal B construction, what is the best way for her to get to Terminal D? Is there a tram, sky walk or shuttle that runs terminal to terminal?